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[15 Sep 2003|08:42pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I want to beat myself over the head with a stick or something x_o
I feel bad for something I did.
I won't say it.
It's not something life threatening or something that "knock your socks off"
It's nothing special.
But.. I feel bad. I making a big deal of nothing at all.
Anyways. Lets move on.

What's been going on since I last updated this LJ? Oh nothing much.. hehe. I betrayed LJ for awhile... for xanga... I dunno. The coding crap to make it all pretty and such is easier to understand on there for some reason. Maybe its just me and my stupidity. Yeah thats it. haha
www.xanga.com/yo0j1n <---- go look. thats where I last did my damage. I plan to go back to xanga. Oh yeah thats another thing that xanga has an advantage on... You can put music too. Me=inlovewithmusicsoleavemealone. teehee. So yah. THat's where I've been.

I'll say this...... no matter how many times I've said it... i hate school, i hate certain people at school, i hate most teachers at school, and i hate stupid homework hah

and i still have to go do that.. so yeah. i'm off.


DarK ShADoWs

Quiz Crazy! [11 Aug 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

whee.. i'm bored... time for quizzes. stupid dad is being a butthole. and i'm stuck here... at the comp doing nothing.. because i'm scared of him ><

You are BoA!

What Kind of Korean Pop Princess Are You?
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Your Lee Jung Hyun! Your pretty, smart, goddess of
techno and you have great fashion sense. Equipt
with a great sense of culture, morals, and
family you are a sure favourite amoung Korean
music fans.

What Korean Pop Star are You?
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half and half

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You are BoA! You're young, but you're still a very
popular pop star.

Which Korean band are you? [includes images]
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brought to you by Quizilla

Well, lucky you!  You get the funny, smart and cute guy!  He&apos;s pretty short, but that doesnt bother you.. does it?  At least he&apos;s caring!
Minwoo!! YAY!! R u happy? Well you should be!
He's got looks, dancing skills, presonality and
well.. lets juss say.. EVERYTHING! Lucky you!
And get him on the bed and he'll do
perfectly... *wink wink*

Who can be your Korean celebrity husband?
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You're a CASUAL AIM-ER! Congrats, you're
normal...or you're pretending to be.

What kind of AIM-er are you?
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You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
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creative: you are an individual at school and thats
why your friends all think you're amazing. you
offer a shoulder to cry on when people need on,
you give good advice and overall a very good
friend. you enjoy being in the company of
others, particularly those closest to you and
sometimes depend on your friends too much. but
apart from being dependent, you can mostly make
it on your own and excel over others. you are
fun, good natured and a great person to be

what kind of girl are you?
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You&apos;re Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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Goddess of Winter
Goddess of winter, with a cold exterior but deep
down a warm, caring heart.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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You are the mystery woman

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Mya-You are in the middle,you're modest,sweet,and
still look out for people you love and to top
it all off you still make money and you aren't
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Which Music Artist Are You?
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Devon Aoki

Which ridiculously attractive model are you?
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You are GILL!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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You're A Bishoujo (Attractive Young Woman)!
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playing footsie
footsie - you like to goof around and laugh with
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Which Pale Moonlight guy should you be with?
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Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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You Are Love
You are Love.

You love life, you love all those around you and
the world that you live in. You are happiest
when you are doing something for someone else
or for the common good of mankind.

What Emotion Are You?
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YOu see the world in Neutral
Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the
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and accepting.

Made by

What color do you see the world in?
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Lovely White.You can be so energy active sometime and also playful.
Lovely White.You can be so energy active sometime
and also playful.

Which White are you?***For Girls Only***
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Which MorningGlory character are you?
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You Lost You Life In The Wash..Go Get It..Your Such
A Loser..Not Like You Care...Or Do You?

heh The Loser Test.....
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You&apos;re Vanilla Ice-Cream
You're down to earth and one that everyone can turn
to for help

What flavor Ice-Cream are you?
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(Singer) BoA*

You are sweet and innocent. U love the world and
everything around u. ^_^

Which Korean singer/Group are u?
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good job u no alot u r either korean or u r in tkd
or both whatever good job!

can u count in korean?
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Roo Roo
You're Roo Roo!

What Ibis Korea Character Are You?
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you are real korean!

What kind ob Korean are you?
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You got Kang ta!
Kang Ta

Who is your ideal Korean guy?
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Denial Obsession
Denial Obsession

What's Your Obsession?
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well that was quite a lot.. haha. i'm sucha loser. laters


DarK ShADoWs

!@#$%^&*&^%$%^&*U&Y^T&*I&^%^&^%^%#$%^&^%$%^&^@#$%^%$#@#$%^&^!!!@#$%^&* [04 Aug 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I keep sleeping these days. And sleeping. And sleeping. And more sleeping. I'm feeling very drowsy, and lazy. Dunno why. For like ever... I was going days sleeping on a few hours and iunno- I guess it either caught up w/ me or sleeping is bad. hah =)

I could go for boba right about now. But how am I supposed to get? me dunno.

My dad asked me this morning "how come you've been so angry lately"... LATELY? I've been always angry around him.. He just now noticed?! >.o I just laughed at him and walked off ignoring him. Isn't that evil of me? heh.

So tired. Going now.


DarK ShADoWs

la la la [01 Aug 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I am such a loser.
Sitting here feeling sorry for myself.
Wishing to go to Cali like the rest of the pplz-non, craig, kevin, louis, john etc.
Texting Craig and Louis back and forth.
Oh well =P


DarK ShADoWs

o_O [21 Jul 2003|08:07pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

why irritated? iunno. But me is not happy fo sho. Well actually. I've just been irritated a lot lately. Things make me upset for some reason. I like turned sensitive or something. heh. whatevers.

-things arent going right.
-im getting moodier. i dont like it, and I don't mean to be.
-so easily irritated.
-so stressed
-my dog is gonna be given away because her health isn't good since we moved here.. i think..
-l.a.b.g.a.b. [hehe]
-lost something/someone. iunno.
-wished that something would go away... ::ahem::

So yah. Thats about it for now. and I'm gonna go hide in a corner until I stop PMSing or whatever i seem to be doing these days hahaha.


DarK ShADoWs

i'm so out of it o_o... [20 Jul 2003|10:17pm]
[ mood | moody ]

That song is the song we were listening to last week as we were driving away from the beach in Cali. Tis an okay song. =)

Yah. Well I thought I was gonna update this more often... but then... when I tried last time my mom interfered and we got into this whole argument and yah. o_o. Then we just got all upset and pissy and cried and on and on... whatevers. Shes having her mid-life crisis thingie (if you wanna call it that) but yah. Tis great for me, eH?... Then theres my wonderful father, whos paranoid, and always angry, and moody, and idiotic. Not that I'm trying to put him down, but seriuosly, if you lived w/ this insane man, you'd see the dumb choices he makes/does/thinks about... o_O. I've explained it before to some people. But don't feel like writing it in LJ. hehe. But overall things and people in my house, including me have been worse and more irritated.

Yah. Nothing much has been going on. I went back to summer school- U.S. Government. bleh. School is never good. Even if its easy like this class. The monday I went back, I died in class... like literally... because on Sunday night me and Non rode in Kevin's car back from Cali to Vegas while John followed in his own car. Yah... I WONDER WHY NO ONE WANTED TO RIDE WITH JOHN. heh. but anyways... it was fun. Before we left Cali... we went to the beach and had a little something to eat too. It was all good.... Yah... and since Kevin's like that kinda driver that weaves in and out of traffic and all that good stuff like that it was fun ride all the way. But when we drove off the freeway to stop by Baja Fresh... John came up to me and said "I love having Kevin to drive with on the road because it gives me someone to race with and a challenge to".... I was like... what the heck. As far as I saw... John was following behind Kevin the whole time... ::ahem:: Yah and hes the one w/ the stick shift so.... I dunno what his point was supposed to be...but it was stupid. =) (and yes I know I'm harsh on John but I don't really care) =P... SOoo We got back to Vegas around 12:00pm and such. Non left her phone in Kevin's car so Kevin had to drive down the block from where he lives and sneak it back to me because my dad was pissy and stuff. See? My dads the one causing most of the problems. No one understands that concept. hehe. Then I talked on the phone for a long time because I was bored, and not sleepy at the time. So I didn't go to sleep at all and went straight to school. ANd that, my friends, is how I died at school on Monday last week. hehe. Oh yah. I forgot to mention, the reason I came back with Kevin and such and not my mom was because she hadda drop off my Emo in San Diego-- To go do her business and other stuff. hehe. Then my mom came home the next day.

la la la. Some days in summer school is so long and boring I just cant stand it. And some days I'm in a working mood. Tis weird. So last week, after I recovered from having no sleep. I went through the whole rest of the U.S. government book, and did all the chapter/section vocabulary. Yes. That's right. I am bored. haha. Then I was gonna start try doing all the notes. But I seem to have a problem taking notes, I make them too in depth. and I take too long and such. So yah. I gave up on notes. Blah blah blah. =) You know our group in summer school is really...weird... haha but its okay... like at our table, we have a mexican, vietnamese, full flip, half flip/half krn, half krn/half caucasian, full caucasian, and a new addition-- a japanese. Wow. yah. But its cool because they make all these racist comments and no one ever cares or says anything... except Non... because she has korean pride and all hehe. =) but yah. Besides that... some conversations are pretty sick. Especially Steve, the mexican. xD lol. I wont put he says... because its just too disgusting... haha. But yah. That about wraps up my summer school life.

On friday, nothing special went on. I just went to school and such. I went to korean meeting later. Afterwards a few of us went to Mulligans to give David a small dinner thing before he went back to San Diego the next morning. Then after all the older/married people left -which left me non david and hyunae- we drove around for awhile looking for starbucks/ice cream place... but it was like late or something so nothing was really open haha. So we ended up going to Denny's and Non and Hyunae ate a sundae and a cake or something and I didn't want any because I'm breaking out enough already, and it was kinda late for those things for me... and then omg, David said he didnt want any because he didn't wanna get fat. Yah Non and Hyunae looked like they were gonna slap him lol. Because he's sooo stickly skinny. So then they all talked about Cali peoples, girls and guys, meaningless stuff, and that ended it. We all separated our own ways. ::sigh:: he's gone now. It leaves me Non and Hyunae. Its not gonna be the same. Haha. Oh wellz. We shall see what the future brings us. =)

Hmm... Newest thing that happened, that I can remember.... was yesterday which was saturday...... I went out in korean service, then went to korean school... (then someone said something today to me that someone else said about something that happened in korean school... and I was like o_O. What a loser... but thats besides the point) and then went home, talked on the phone, went to Craig's gathering at his house. His house is nice. I want it. Not really though. hehe. and then Me, NOn, Craig, his friend from NY- Louis, Eden, and John played cards. At first we were all playing in the game of Phase 10 and I didnt know how to play but somehow I won first round which was like confusing... then second round I was losing almost as much as Craig... So we just played speed, and then speed and phase 10 got boring so we played BS. Or as we call it... BEAR DDONG. OR BULLL!! haha dont ask. Twas fun. I won first 2 rounds lol. Because I was kinda quiet about it =) Then we went home. Because John had to go home. heh. Today, Non told me that John thought I was pissed at him last night or something. Although I wasn't. I guess he cant tell the difference when I really am pissed at him or something. Iunno. WHo cares.

Today I went to Korean meeting, got crap about choosing to go to english meeting too, went to english meeting, got picked up by my mom and non, went to my house a little later, non took over my comp when I was still using it, Kevin picked us up to go to the swimming party, swam and did laps a lot, later on got told by Non about something that was a total mess up that I wont talk about here =), swam more, ate, swam more, did laps, watched as John hit his head into the steps, heh, lingered around, changed, went to Non's house, later on got picked up by my mom, came here, and heres where I am. Doomed for life. hehe. I think imma go find a way to open the screen thing on my window... so I can get in and out of the house easier lol. So yah. That's the latest. That's all. Gnite. Because I'm tired. I guess from swimming. AND LACK OF SLEEP BECAUSE IM DUMB LIKE THAT. hehe laters


DarK ShADoWs

sOooOooo tired. ..... [14 Jul 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Whatcha think of my layout. Tis Boa. Tis new. Iunno. If you don't like it. Oh well.

On tuesday evening I was supposed to go to meeting. I was so pissed off about my mom not taking me to meeting. She was being kinda hypocritical and such. I don't wanna go into depth about it because its too long and its gonna piss me off again lol. SO yah. Later on that night after all of my anger, frustration and tears [no it wasnt just the whole meeting thing that was making me cry. just things that build up] kevin ended up calling me and asking me where I was because I wasn't at meeting -________-;; Then we just talked for awhile. Iunno why so long though haha.

Yah. This last weekend was kinda fun. But yah. At the same time it was >.O ....
My Aunt/Emo/one of my moms best friends [by blood shes not my aunt heheh] came down to Cali to stay w/ us for the weekend. We all went to Cali because it was INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY. xD It was good. OMG. I saw different kinds of outfits that the foreign countries wear. I WANT ONE. I want a kimono. It soo cute. and I want the Vietnamese costume too. I forgot what Kevin called the costume. But yeah. I WANT IT!. Thats all. hehe

One thing annoying about my Emo is that she takes after my mom a lot. She repeats things and tells me to be good. and I'm so tired of hearing it. I don't want her to boss me around. I get that enough from my parents w/o some "friend" coming to do it to me some more on my so called vacation. Not that I'm not saying shes a nice person. Because she can be. She's just kinda irritating at times. But I guess a lot of people irritate me.

Anyways. The convention talks were really good. Upbuilding. But it was hard to find seats, so on Saturday and Sunday Non and I just stood most of the time. =\ hehe

John was on the prowl looking for us. Do I know why? I'm not sure. But it was kinda like o___O. And then there was this whole issue of who I was to go home w/ because my mom had to drive my Emo to San Diego and I hadda come home for summer school >.o I ended up coming home w/ Kevin. woohoo. But it took us 4 days to decide -___-. Sammys dad was out of the question for taking me home. Because that kid is just hecka annoying. Then there was John and supposedly his mom and I was like o___O ehh, I don't think so. I asked Hyunae and she said she wasnt very sure and was probably gonna come on Monday and everyone else is going back later or family or something holding them back. Yah Kevin hadda go back on Sunday night because he had work the next day. And I get along w/ him and such. My mom said I can only go w/ him if Non comes too. lol. Like hes gonna molest me or something. Which Non did. Which I'm grateful of. She slept the whole way and I talked to Kevin the whole way. He was telling me of his past. haha

Oh yah. One funny thing that happened at convention was that Non said I should look for a guy haha. But of course I don't do such things because I'm not weird like that to go to conventions for that reason. And another thing is that I don't find many people to be "cute" as they say. But I had the funniest conversation about it w/ Non.
Keturah: OH you know what?
Non: WHat?
Keturah: I found a cute guy xD
Keturah: Yah. You know where he's from?
Non: WHERE?!
Keturah: Vegas.
Non: OMG. I can't believe VEGAS. You should...
Non: -____-
---yeah that was David I was talking about Although it kinda died out w/ him sorta. That was pretty funny. The look of suprise and trickery on her face was priceless. I wish I had a camera.

Yah. I had some other stuff that I wanted to blog about but I can't remember at the moment. So maybe If I do. I'll put it on the next blog or something.

Well anyways. I got back to Vegas, Monday morning. Twas fun. Then we found out that Non left her phone in the car so Kevin had to drive down the street and sneak to the side of my house because we didnt want my dad to be all pissed off more than he already was. It was good fun though. I talked to him on the phone all night. Iunno why. Don't ask. haha. Our conversations were pretty funny though. We kept ending each subject w/ "At the ENd" from that song that we like and When we couldnt figure out what to do about a situation that we were talking about we'd always say that we'll just go to Cali or something. Then everything else always ended up w/ him throwing rocks at my window and my dad coming out to shoot him lol. Yah. It was good times. But I got no sleep. I like died. haha.

In school I was sleeping most of the time. Honestly. I never fall asleep in school no matter how tired I am. But today I did. Omg. I was sleeping off and on the whole 4 hours of school. Theres was this one part where the teacher wanted people to go write stuff on the board and I had just woken up [is that the right tense? haha me no speakie english...] and I was going to go write something but I couldn't see. Everything was so blurry. I kept rubbing my eyes. But it was soooo blurry. So I just went back to sleep. lol. Yah. And then afterschool we went to go eat lunch. Yes. You guessed it. W/ her dad and Kevin. ahaha xD. He didn't look that tired though. Yah. Lunch was good though. Pho is always good. Don't argue w/ me or I'll hit you =P

After that we went and got boba. Which was okay hehe. I was soo tired and we went to Non's picture thingie for school and then went to her house. I slept until 7. and here I am. That's my life. haha. My moms coming back to into town tonight... which is like ehhh.... why. haha. But thats just the way it is. I'm tired of blogging. Maybe more later. Maybe not. Imma go now. Later.


DarK ShADoWs

o_O [02 Jul 2003|10:33pm]
[ mood | awake ]

haha i know you love that song. =P and the name of it too. hehe anyways... my whole family seems to be asleep. i havent written in here for ages. haha. got busy i guess.
where do i start? First off... i'm enjoying not living in the "ghetto" haha. and Second... I went back to school DOH ><. It's worth it I suppose, if I plan on doing what I'm going to do in senior year. we'll see.. Yep. I'm taking u.s. government. I try to look at it from a positive side, at least I won't hafta take a full and exaggerated year of it and I get a credit out of the way, and its pretty easy as long as you follow the assignments. xD. Yah. Then next summer i'm going to take something else. So that perhaps my plan will work muwhahahaha.

Right now... I wear only a tshirt and a huge piece of soft cloth wrapped around my waist. lol. yeah that kinda sounds wrong. >D my clothes are in my moms room. err... my shorts are in my moms room. iun wanna wake her up so that she'll nag me to go to sleep. so this is the only resort i'm left w/ lol. interesting huh?

I think I've had only a few good times since we got off school and such. One is when Hyunae or Kevin were picking me up every morning to go in early morning service. We all just about died lol. Twas fun. And then Hyunae, David, and Kevin, and who else came out w/ us just got sorta sick of Einstein Bagels. haha.
Hmm... There was this other time when me, Non, Kevin, Craig, and John stayed at the Winder's pool til like 9:30pm or something. Then we got Starbucks and ran around in the park in Seven Hills and wore/hid eachothers flips flops, climbed the playground equipment, swang, "skipped through the meadows" as Craig called it xD, and just sat around and talked. haha. I "found" this cave thing, and I was trying to get Non to go w/ me. But the sign above it [forgot what it said] scared her or something, plus it was like 10pm haha. Good reasons i suppose =P. Then I remember Craig hadda go home cuz he hadda work. heh. So then me, Non, Kevin, and John went driving around looking for "secret places" lol. Twas much fun. Kevin found this spot where it somewhat looks over the valley but its sooo dirty, rocky, and thorny lol. Yah. Then it was getting kinda late so we dropped Non off at home. Then John realized he left his car keys in Craig's car so we hadda go back to Craig's house to get his keys, go back and get Johns car and then we just all drove back to Southern Highlands. Yup. My mom was pissy. That's always fun -__-.

Another good time. I'm not sure when I last wrote, or what i wrote, so I might be repeating myself, but oh well. Who cares. Me, Non, Hyunae, and David went to the movies to see "Finding Nemo" ::gasp:: yeah I know... Didn't expect that from David huh? Anyways the movie was cute and funny. BUBBLES! muwahha. and.. yeah... then we went for Starbucks and Panda Express. What a combination... huh? haha.

Yeah. Then there were times when it was a beatdown. But I wont write it here. Too many people see. haha. Must be careful. Right Jojo? =P [eh jojo, btw if you're reading this can you tell me that name thing lol] me is so forgetful.

I've been spending a lot of time at Non's house. Like almost everyday afterschool. Haha. Tis good though because for one thing I don't hafta be bored at my house, and another is that I won't hafta put up/be around/see/talk to my dad. Which makes more peace. =) And puts me in a better mood. Now that I moved, its easier to get away from my family that was bringing tears to me everyday before.

Hmm.. What else. I went to Cali. Nothing special. Twas w/ no one. Just for convention. The talks were good. But I was lonely. But I'm going again for international convention. muwahaha.

I was talking to Non the other day about what kinda person I was looking for if I ever did wanna get married sometime in the future. [but i dont think so. single life looks good to me right now =)] But it was kinda funny because I was using like 8+ different people to describe certain qualities thats good. ONCE AGAIN, I would put it down here but too risky. lol. BUT IF I WANNA BE STALKED I'LL BE SURE TO PUT IT IN HERE IN BOLD LETTERS ONE DAY HAHA.

Oh yah. I got my report card the other day. It wasn't that bad actually. =) So I'm satisfied for now. hehe.

More news. CO visit in english congregation twas realllyyyy good. Right now we have CO visit in Korean. Tis verryyyyyyyyyy confusing... Because I'm dumb =\

Anyways... The more time I spend around Non's family, the more they refer to me as a sister or something haha. Its funny. Like Non's dad and Kevin picked us up from school the other day and Kevin was arguing w/ her dad that he should take us to pho because he's not going to have us for very much longer and is gonna miss us and all that fun stuff. Twas hilarious. Kevin was doing that the whole time. and Non's dad is funny too. He's like the negative force against Kevin. We need more people like that in the world haha. Then we got boba. Ahh. Twas all good.

Also today I went w/ Non to get her senior pix done. Twas funny. They gave a piece of cloth that was too big to wear. I woulda laughed if it fell off onto the ground or something lol. Anyways, the picture taking place was by Clark. That was wonderful. >< haha. Bad memories when I see that place.

That's another thing. Like freshman year, I had fun, because I rebelled against my mother and "father" so much. I lied a lot too. That was pretty stupid in many ways. But at the same time I like had my share of "fun" and then sophomore year came around, and my priorities, goals, and outlook on things kinda changed and didnt wanna be afterschool w/ ppl as much anymore. Iunno. Probably kinda sounds retarded for some of you nosy xD people reading this. but I can't really explain. Kinda just hafta live it. And if you have a problem. I suggest you go tell it to the roaches. =P

Hmm... I never talked about the people in my government class... haha they're all weirdos. My teacher is Mr. Bashay and he's from Non's school- Silverado. I sit at a group w/ 5 other people. 4 of whom come from Silverado. We're all connected in some way. Its kinda scary. Like theres Lizz who works at the same Sears my mom does and who went to middle school and high school w/ Non. and then there Voo/Chris who knows this one girl thats connected to this guy in Non's family. [no names =P] and then Theres steve whos always talking about his gang and past experiences, and ex-girlfriends, and screwing people. Yah. We call him the mexican Monk. Lol. then theres Vanessa. Who also goes to Silverado [steve too] SHe has some weird facial expressions, like they're over expressed and her face is gonna pop off. and shes kinda ditzy and dull. But its okay. Finally, theres Non who I've known since I was born. So yah. The rest of the class. I dunno. I don't talk to them. But its all a lot of work =\. hehe. Yup yup

Today online, I talked to Pam [-Miller--- nope sorry, not the annoying one that everyone hates except her weird group of friend and Juan and Kirill lol --that was over explained] Everytime I talk to her, she asks me the same question. And ever single time I answer the same thing...
Pam- "Do You like any new guy?"
Ket- "no -__-"
Pam- "How come?"
Ket- "iunno >>;"
Yup. Interesting convo huh? haha. Maybe she'll ask something different one day... haha.

Oh yah. Speaking of Juan. eh. Nevermind. I'll write somewhere else lol. This is like what.. the 3rd time Jojo? you must remind me to write it... haha

Well I think I'm kinda tired now. So i'll stop. I can't remember anything else off hand.. so yah. Later.


DarK ShADoWs

[06 Jun 2003|10:54am]
[ mood | calm ]

Wow. How long has it been since I've updated here? Too long. Well as you know my computer has finally been fixed. ^^. Yeah. and summers finally here. No more school. No more of those people bothering me. But first my little survey thing that I filled out cuz I had so much free time. haha.

[my name is]: Keturah Lee Partin
[height?]: about 5'2" or 5'3"
[in the morning i am]: quiet, tired, moody
[love is]: who knows exactly what it is
[if i could see one person right now]: I dunno.
[i'm afraid of]: stuff
[i dream about]: nothing.

-H A V E . Y O U . E V E R-
[pictured your crush naked?]: No. I don’t think so. haha
[actually seen your crush naked]: No thank you haha
[been in love]: Not sure.
[cried when someone died]: Yeah
[lied]: Tis only human to do so…

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[coke or pepsi]: Neither. Gives me pimples
[flowers or candy]: Flowers. Pretty Pretty.
[tall or short]: Depends on what you mean by that question.

-W I T H . T H E . O P P O S I T E . S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: Eyes and facial features
[last person you slow danced with]: I don’t dance. haha
[worst question to ask]: I dunno.

-W H O-
[makes you laugh the most?]: Not sure. Lots of people make me laugh a lot.
[makes you smile]: Lots of people
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: Nobody.
[who do you have a crush on?]: Nobody
[has a crush on you?]: Nobody lol
[easiest to talk to]: I dunno. Certain things I tell to certain people. But not everything o_O… So yeah… kind of confusing

-D O . Y O U . E V E R-
[Stay on aim, waitin for someone special to IM you]: I used to.
[save aol/aim conversations]: I used to. Because of AIM+… But I took the option off for my own reasons
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: No.
[cry because of someone saying something to you]: Yes. At times. It depends.

-H A V E . Y O U . E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend]: Yeah a long time ago
[been rejected?]: I didn’t try.
[rejected someone]: Yeah
[used someone]: No
[been cheated on]: No.
[cheated on someone]: No.
[done something you regret]: Yeah

-W H O . W A S . T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: Hyunae
[hugged]: no one
[you instant messaged]: Vicki
[instant messaged you?]: Julian
[you laughed with]: No one.

-D O . Y O U / / A R E . Y O U-
[color your hair]: No. But does everyone remember when I had those hideous redish orangeish copperish highlights in my hair. Yeah ever since then. No more coloring. haha
[habla espanol]: I take it. I don’t speak it haha.
[smoke cigarettes]: No
[obsessive]: No
[could you live without the computer?]: hahaha Isn’t that what I’ve been doing for the past month or so?
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 115… I used to have almost 200 then I went through and deleted all the extra screennames that people had but never used haha.
[what's your favorite food?]: Pho
[what's your favorite fruit?]: Oranges and such. I don’t know. Fruit good though.
[drink alchohol?]: No
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: Both
[what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?]: Emotional
[trust others way too easily?]: No

Yeah. Time to update on the things that were happening in the last month.
As you know. School was hectic. I thank those people that cheered me up on those days I didn't feel well. Don't hafta mention names. You know who you are =P
Hmm... Biggest thing that happened lately was me moving. On Friday last week... Anita came before the big move to paint my moms room... Non came to help. And we painted for a long time and then got tired and such. Haha we were writing stuff on the wall... w/ white paint >>;; Then later Kevin and Craig came to help... Or should I say Kevin came to help and Craig came to "help" lol... So while Kevin, my mom and Anita were throwing out their backs and working and such Me and Non and Craig were just.... sitting around in the kitchen lol... Well actually Non was putting in the contact paper and for awhile I called people to find out where to reserve a moving van. -->Thanks oppa for helping me ^^.<-- and then Craig tried after awhile. We got no where. So we just all sat around. haha. Then when me and Non were alone we did cartwheels and handstands and flips and rolls across the living room lol. We havent done that since we were like... 9 or 10 years old hahaha. Twas a funny moment. Yeah. And then we all went home tired and dirty at around 11:00p.m. or so. Non came to spend the night.
The next day was soo hectic. We got up and were still packing. We didn't get a truck... although we had tried the night before to call... That really sucked. So the first people to come help was Kevin and Craig. =) That was nice considering they were working w/ us til late into the night before. Then soon after Jane Hyunae and David came w/ Einstein bagels. Then some more people like Yi Hyungjae and Lee Hyungjae and Yongmin oppa and such came. Then Nayoung and Shane and all those other people. Then Matthew and Auyeung Jameh. and Sammy and really later Mingyue and his dad. >< So yeah. We hadda lotta people. But no truck so we were packing everything into peoples cars and such. That really sucked. It took up too much time. But around 1 or so were done. Lol. The little kids were all over the place. I was going crazy. And they all liked to go into my room and smash my keyboard. Omg. One day I'm going to go crazy on Mingyue and who knows what will happen. ::sigh:: anyways. That was about it for that day. Nothing special. Besides that. But I thought that things would change for me after that. Like I would feel better being closer to the people that I'm always around. ANd that my dad would be more calm and my mom too. But it hasn't. The fighting keeps on going. The stress keeps on coming. It never ends.
My dog lives in a ddong environment. She went from grassy green land w/ plenty of trees and shade and holes to burrow in... and a little house and such... but now she has nothing. Just dirt.
Another thing. I have this empty lonely feeling in me. Dunno what it is. Its just been there. heh. Can't figure it out either. whatevers.
Then monday-wednesday was finals. It was blah. I didn't really care. Wednesday was fun though. In the morning I played badminton w/ Angela and Karina. Luke was there. But if I was forced to play w/ him I probably woulda whacked him w/ the racquet. So I didn't ^^. Then I went in and took my math test. I was talking w/ Juan the whole time lol. We were just talking about the whole year. Regrets and such. Then somewhere between me taking the test and talking to LayMu and Juan we lost my eraser. I was the only one w/ an eraser and so were sharing because we all sit right next to eachother and so I had to keep passing it back and forth between LayMu and Juan and then I needed to use it, it was gone. We all stood up and looked around and under for it. Lol twas a funny moment. I still think Juan ate it. lol. He did once before. haha. Yeah. And then we were let out... to separate our own ways... xD... So I met up w/ Eva in the parking lot and we drove around w/ Brett and like 4 other ppl in the car... and went to Aloha Kitchen and such. Wasted time. I was originally planning to play badminton w/ Karina and Angela but Karina was being sucha butthole I didn't want to... haha Then we got back and Eva and I went to Mr. Truongs to say goodbye because he's leaving next year. THats sorta sad. =\... and then we just stood around and talked and waited for JoJo to get out of her class... and then the rest of school let out. That was the end of that.
Later in the evening I went to go see Finding Nemo with Non, Hyunae and David. That was sorta suprising because usually Davids nervous around girls... haha... Omg. lol that movie was hilarious. haha. Its cute. and funny haha. I want it. Vicki and I have been talking about it since we've seen it... BuBbLeS! xD... ahaha..
Yeah and yesterday... was stressing. My mom was giving me a buncha crap... I was supposed to go in bongsa w/ Non and Hyunae...and then have Lunch w/ them w/ David and Nayoung and Vickie [not the school one xD]...and some other ppl and some persons house. Yeah. But I didn't go. Problems at home. =\ I just got nagged by my mom the whole day.
In the evening I went to bookstudy w/ Non Keevin, Craig, and John haha. Yeah and just sorta stood around for awhile... Then we went to Non's home and waited for my mom to come pick me up. Yeah. My summer has started out to be pretty boring. haha.
Thats about it for now. I wrote a lot. hehe..

Lookie Lookie convos

ForevRdreamR88 (11:01:34 AM): plans for next year?
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:01:49 AM): I plan to become a bum
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:01:50 AM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (11:02:00 AM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (11:02:09 AM): yes
ForevRdreamR88 (11:02:20 AM): the diploma thing is just in case u need paper for warmth
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:02:50 AM): Or toilet paper
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:02:52 AM): hahaha
ForevRdreamR88 (11:03:33 AM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (11:03:39 AM): the cheaper alternative
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:04:19 AM): The better alternative
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:04:34 AM): I mean you could always steal some other bums blanket
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:04:46 AM): but you can't steal another bums diploma
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:04:47 AM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:01 AM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:09 AM): of course u ca
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:11 AM): n
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:22 AM): lol we should just go steal other ppls diplomas
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:25 AM): and claim it to be ours
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:36 AM): its like lets be valedictorian today
ForevRdreamR88 (11:05:51 AM): hM.. today i dont feel as overachieving.. ill be salutorian
ForevRdreamR88 (11:06:14 AM): joe bob? sure i am.. im am so totally a joe bob
LiLAzNBubbLez87 (11:06:31 AM): lol

lol yeah that was weird

and then heres the one from yesterday. Julian is sucha ditz.

AsianJTG: hey
Auto response from LiLAzNBubbLez87: studying
AsianJTG: studying!!!
LiLAzNBubbLez87: lol
AsianJTG: wut r u studying for?
LiLAzNBubbLez87: My english class
LiLAzNBubbLez87: I failed it so I hafta take it over again
AsianJTG: y?
AsianJTG: u failed, and u have to take it again
AsianJTG: i knew it
AsianJTG: sorry, that was mean
LiLAzNBubbLez87: lol. Like I would fail english
LiLAzNBubbLez87: i'm just kidding
LiLAzNBubbLez87: its for my meeting/church thing
AsianJTG: oo
AsianJTG: u failed church?
LiLAzNBubbLez87: -_-
AsianJTG: lol
AsianJTG: i dont get it
LiLAzNBubbLez87: ::sigh::

haha anyways. thats it for now. later


DarK ShADoWs

aish [11 May 2003|03:44pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Its been so long since I've posted... Probably because of the fact that my computer is broken and I don't know how to fix it. Yeah. So I'm at Non's computer right now. The past week has been boring and such. I can't really remember much right now. haha. Hmmm. Well good news is that school will be ending in about a month. I can't wait. I hate school. I hate the teachers. I hate the work. and I hate most people at school. Too much stress ya know. Dang it. I've been sitting here thinking what to blog about... All week when something good happened I made sure in my mind that I would remember it to put in my blog... haha. OH YEAH. OMG. Computers was hilarious this whole week. For once. Basically... we've all come to the realization that we don't care what Mr. Panagos thinks of us so we havent been doing any work at all. So we're all sitting there playing games and such lol. But for the past few days... Julian has been sitting by me to talk... because its boring on his side... lol he cracks me up so much... Him and this other guy in my comp. class.. his name is DAVID... lol yeah but he's like hispanic or something... but anyways they were having this conversation... twas funny
David- Hey you know what. I see you afterschool everyday
Julian- For realz? I don't see you. Are you serious.
David- Yeah... Everyday when I drive out... I see you in the car ahead of me
Julian- Ahh I see. I didn't know that.
David- Yah. And I always see you riding w/ the same person... like your brother or something...
Julian- ... Nuh uh
David- Yup. For real.
Julian- ... DoOooooOooDe. I Dont' have a brother!!!!
---and then we all start cracking up---
David- Oh whoops. My bad. lol. Who is that then?
Julian- ITS MY MOM!
---we all start cracking up again---
David- AHAHAHA. Dude. Your mom looks like your brother!
---more laughter---
Julian- Omg. I can't believe you.

So yeah... That was hilarious... Now the new joke is... "hows your brother doing, julian?" lol
The other funny thing that happened.. was when we were trying to pop the keys outta the keyboards and Julian was like LEMME SEE YOUR PENCIL. and I handed him my pencil that has a dent in it... So then after he was finished I was like
and he was like OMG IM SO SORRY!
j- .... SOOO SORRY!
me- Im Jk. It was already dented
Yeah computers was tons of fun. Julian is in love w/ Elton John. I hope he never reads my blog or else hes gonna go off at me for that comment lol.
Then on wednesday. All these people ditched. And mR. Dehne noticed. Twas great, because missy turned them all in... considering her best friends were all in the group that ditched. Yeah. Shows you how good of friends they all are.
THen the other day I told Jojo about this problem Juan has now. He started smoking. He's stupid. so then she made this packet for him and put our names on it... and in the packet it talks about the dangers, causes and effects, bad examples, etc about smoking. Yeah it was a beatdown for him. He thought it was a birthday present. HA. Stupid Juan.
Yeah. Thats all for now. Thats right. Life is boring. If i remember to put anything else. I'll blog in another week. teehee.


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gimme a huge hug. lol [29 Apr 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well. Today was blah. I failed my chemistry test. woOoOOoohOoOoo! >>;;
Luke always seems to get on my nerves no matter what I do to stay away from him. Today he took my hairclips and tried to put it in his "pee-stained" hair. as i call it. And I don't really mind anyone else putting my hairclips on or anything. I just find Luke absolutely repulsive in every way. Besides that, annoying-- and he knows that I HIGHLY DISLIKE him and if he gets on my nerves he'll suffer for it later. So yeah, I lounged across the table and like pulled his hair back and as far and hard as I could until he practically threw the clips at me.. and I hopped back to my seat. Yeah, sad to say, I enjoyed it as he looked across at me in pain. Him and Rugie are one of those people I can't stand. ya know? Well yeah... anyways... moving on...
History was hilarious... I sit by Jordan and Angela now... I handed Jordan my bottle of lotion... lol he always makes something humorous out of the weirdest things... and he started smelling it and squeezing the bottle until this lotion like squirted on his nose. lol. then he started sticking the bottle in other peoples faces and squirting air at them... lol it just got funnier and funnier... until Mr. Wentling told him to put it away ... haha xD... Yeah.. but then for the rest of the period it was boring...
In computers... I did LayMu's project for her. Yeah, thats right, thats how bored I am. Her WHOLE project... lol and then at lunch I went w/ her to fix up some other stuff for it... haha... Oh well.. gave me something to do for once. Yeah I also talked to Julian about getting some stuff for me from band... because.. I quit that... and Mr. Lacoff.. wasn't that happy about it.. lol and then when Julian found out he was like "OH NO.. THEN HE'S GONNA HATE ME TOO FOR BEING FRIENDS W/ THE ENEMY" or something funny like that.. lol... Imma hafta find a way fo sho.
bleh.. so anyways.. in math, when LayMu presented... it was just like me presenting only LayMu's voice.. hahaha. I was her clicker for the slideshow and then at the end.. since shes soo shy she just like ran behind the desks to Karina... lol leaving me there alone w/ HER project... haha... Shes cute. >.o
Yeah. Afterschool YongMin oppa brought some korean lady over to try to buy our house... haha... tis great... One of our knobs is broken in our house and when he opened it.. he was halfway trying to fix it and halfway trying to cover it as she walked in... lol and yeah... it sorta looked like she was interested...I hope so.. I am soo ready to move out of this stupid house. Start something new. And be by everyone.
Oh yeah... I never wrote about Friday in here... twas great. It was assembly day.. so all our classes were shortened and we would get out a little early... xD.. Also that day, we had a fire drill... woohoo. and everything seemed so easy.. because fridays are miracle workers like that...So as usual, at the end of the day.... me and Karina went to the football field and walked around.. and this time we dragged LayMu with us... hahaha... and then later on Jojo and Eva and some other people came out to watch the football ppl and sit on the track...Meanwhile... I had talked to Non on the phone. But then she said she hadda go and would call back later. But of course she didnt. Because when she says she'll call back, or she'll txt msg, or she'll come online, she never does. Oh well hehe =P. Then a little later a talked to Craig. Twas amusing. He was telling me about how him and Kevin just ate pho and were going down to Tea Planet for a drink... haha... then he said that they could pick me up and bring me a boba drink... but I said I couldn't because... it would be too late because my dads coming and I don't think they'd like me going w/ "guys" haha. Although my mom trusts them... err Kevin... She doesn't know Craig that well.. So yeah.. That didn't work out.. Which sucked but oh well... =P... It was okay.. my dad took me to Starbucks.. for some odd reason... >.o...
Then that Friday night. We found out for sure that we weren't moving... as I have said before in past entries. That was a total beatdown. It really pissed me off. Whatevers. Someone buy my house! My ghetto house!
Okies... well thats enough for now... imma go .. bye bye


DarK ShADoWs

Psh Psh [27 Apr 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

WoOOoo. Weekday was boring. Funniest thing that happened was when innocent little angela blew up the thermometer in the chemistry room. haha xD and... I did 4 powerpoint presentations in one week. 1 for myself in spanish. 1 for myself in geometry. 1 for juan in geometry. and 1 for karina in geometry. Karina was the prettiest. Mine looked like ddong. and I purposely put a few funny typos in Juan's because I felt evil like that. Lol.
Omg. I found out that we werent moving... because the people that were buying our house didnt get their credit approved or something at the last minute.. when we were supposed to move TODAY! SUNDAY!!!. omg i'm soo pissed. I wanted to move outta here. Start new and fresh.... and i find out that I must wait 3 more months at least... what the heck. but yeah.. moving on...
Weekend was tons of fun. Saturday morning started out w/ Jane and David picking me up at 7:20 from my house. Twas fun. My mom made me take a gift out to Jane which she got all excited about. lol. Jane is so cute. [don't take that the wrong way >.o] Her whole family is cute. Except for Richard. He's pretty much an intravert and is mean. Whatevers. So yeah. When I went to the door I was expecting it to be Jane but it was David...I was just glad my dad didnt answer the door. He'd like slam the door in David's face lol. Found out he's a pretty good driver too. and he smells good. lol. Aqua de Gio.. or something as Non says. Then Jane was in the backseat most of the time telling us to go give out magazines. "Yes mother" lol jk.
Yeah. Later on we met up w/ Chae Hyungjae. and did more bongsa. Twas fun. Found out from Jane the night before that Renee stopped coming ever since that one time she cried in bongsa. Thats a beatdown. Then I found out from my mom that she talk to YongMin oppa about it and said that her main problem was YongMin oppa. WHAT THE HECK. HOW CAN ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM W/ YONGMIN OPPA? Its just. stupid. Anyways. Truthfully, none of us are really missing her so its okay. teehee.
So At bongsa moheehm my mom wasn't there..and I got teamed up w/ non, Jane uhnnee, and Nayoung uhnnee. Which is like the bestest group of sisters ever. Because now Jane has someone her age. We're all easygoing and it was fun. We stopped in the middle and Nayoung uhnnee ate at McDonald's. Then we stopped at my house and had lunch there. Twas fun. Then my mom found out that we were having some bowling thing that night and shes all "Invite Emeris" and Non wasn't helping that much either. EXCUSE ME but... I see Emeris at meetings when I go to my own. We always ignore eachother and stuff. Things and times have changed and all of a sudden they want me to call her after 3 months of not talking? Uhm no. I don't think so. Besides the fact that she started it w/ the comments against the korean group and against Non. So. Yeah. IUn think so. And then Jane and Nayoung uhnnee were trying to persuade me to do it. No. Never. Nunca. Kill me first. I rather not go bowling. Emeris embarasses me... and plus even if she did go.. she would only know me... and then she'd be around me the whole time... which is want I don't want. >>;; yeah enough of that.
Yeah. the four of us had decided earlier to go in bongsa all day.. but our plans changed lol. We went to the Galleria mall instead... and looked around and such. There were these girls that were getting their makeup and face done for prom or whatnot. It was like GoOOd LooRd. DO yOU KnOW WhEn To StOP pUtTinG thE MakEup on?! Their faces were caked w/ makeup and fried w/ hairspray. Twas funny. Then we were walking along and we saw this store.. It was Findlay toyota in the mall. AnD coincidentally Nayoung uhnnee's husband works at findlay toyota... and coincidentally he happened to be there. LOL twas soo funny. And suprising. Twas meant to be.
After the whole mall thing we went to Ross. Got a bag and stuff. Then we couldn't open the car because the little alarm thingie wasnt working. SOOooO we got Nayoung uhnnee's husband to come across the street and open it for us. HOW CONVENIENT. EH? haha.
Then we went to TJmax. Nothing good there. We were acting funny though. Twas the best. We hadda go home after that. Get ready for bowling later.
Non's dad took me, non, Myra, and Jaysun to pho. Twas funny. THe guys at pho recognize me and know what I want and need. lol. Then also... theres that one guy that works there that goes to my school. haha. Afterwards, we headed off to bowling. By the time we got there we saw that, Nayoung uhnnee, her husband, Jane uhnnee, David oppa, John, Kevin, Craig, Craigs cousins, and Kevin's study- Kyle who is Kira's brother was there. Yeah and then Non, Jaysun and Myra went off to go get ice cream. I wasn't feeling well tho so I just started talking to Jane and stuff. lol and then Craig came up behind me and scared the ddong out of me. xD [well not really >.o] So everyone played bowling except me and Myra. Then I started messing around w/ the names on the bowling screen. I changed Kevin's to KEeeEeEevin and changed Craig's to Nigel, Ji Won, I love hamsters... and some others that I can't remember. Kevin was like over my shoulder.. it was sorta scary.. and I asked what he wanted and he's like "i just wanted to look at the screen..." so I moved over a little and then he did too... like right behind me... haha.. Then he gave up. After awhile.. Craig's cousin- Sashia kept staring at me.. it started to creep me out.. so I ignored it at first... but then she kept on doing it... so I was like.. whatever.. and left for the bathroom. When I came back, I started talking to John and David. Lol twas hilarious. David asked me why I wasn't bowling and my response was that I felt sick.. and besides... I didn't wanna break a nail lol [ i broke like 3812 million of them already ] then he called me a party pooper.. then translated it to korean "Pah-Teeh ddong-er" oh my.. lol ...We all started cracking up. John and I were cracking jokes on Non again. Whats new tho.. hahaha. Nayoung uhnnee and her husband are soo cute. They just got married and stuff. haha. Non asked me why David's lips were so shiny rofl. Makes you sorta wonder eh? Then once again Craig scared the ddong out of me again when he came up behind me on the table I was sitting at and started pushing me off.. Soon after Non came and tried pulling me around the table lol. Yeah. After that it was pretty much boring. Cuz we hadda go home.. but on the way home we stopped for boba. Twas okay.
I slept at Non's house. I went to sleep feeling all stuffy headed and w/ a sore throat to waking up w/ a headache, backache, and Stuffy nose. Bleh. Then I studied paste-eh? hahaha, went to korean meeting, did bongsa, came home. and here I am. Bored as ever. Doing a little homework, and dreading tomorrow. Well I guess thats it for now. Later


DarK ShADoWs

Wow. [20 Apr 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

omg. Its been so long since I updated. Wow. hehe.
Yeah anyways... what can I say. Lots.
I've been watching quite a few movies lately. Some old, some new.
I watched...
-Anne of Green Gables the continuing story... [3rd one]
-Panic room
-Resident Evil
-Blue Crush
-Ghost Ship
-Lilo and Stitch
-Bulletproof Monk
-My Big Fat Greek Wedding
i think there might have been something else... but I forget... Yeah.. Anne of Green Gables was a beatdown. The first two were like "aww how sweet" and then like in the 3rd set... its just like..."what the heck... its not innocent anymore... its all about war and death" psshh...
Yah Panic Room was pretty good. I wanted to see that before... but since its rated-r or whatever... the only place I can watch that kinda stuff is on Jaysun's DVD player xD since he has all those good movies and all. =P
I noticed that Non doesnt like "scary movies" so movies like Resident Evil and Ghost ship were like "AHHH" to her. Tis interesting to me. I found those kinds of types of movies more appealing than comedy... because comedy doesnt have plot and mystery. Yah anyways. Resident Evil was just like Good lord... zombies...
Blue Crush.. iunno. It was aiight... Nothing special. haha
[if you wanted to see ghost ship and haven't seen it... skip this part] Yeah anyways, Ghost Ship was quite interesting. We watched it on Jaysun's DVD player yet again and late at night and such. It was pretty much sick at the beginning. Theres this guy that hasta kill all these ppl because of some destined soul or something [i dunno I forgot how he explained it] and so all these ppl all are on the deck dancing and stuff in the beginning and some weird wire that holds something gets cut on one end and slices through all the people... the sickest part was when they showed them all falling apart...and like reaching for this the other half of their body... then years later these ppl come to salvage the ship and they end up getting killed because the guy that tried killed all those ppl years ago was the same person on the salvage crew and such... yah it was interesting...
We watched Lilo and Stitch right after Panic Room. lol... to calm Non's nerves down... anyways... I saw it before.... But ever since a few days ago when Myra was talking like Stitch... me and Non keep talking like him lol. We're dorks. But its okay.
Drumline... Hmm... Movie about band... Mostly about drums... hmmm. Whatever.. haha. The beats were good xP
Bulletproof Monk... I went to go see that in the movie theaters w/ Non, Non's Dad, Kevin, Craig, Craig's cousins, Shirley and Heather. But before that we went to get Pho. Ahhh phos the best. I love it. lol.. but yeah anyways.. the movie was okay... it was nothing to rant and rave about... Kinda corny.. haha
And lastly... My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Twas funny... Me and Non and YongMin oppa and Jane and David oppa and John. We watched it on the Sunday that we started spring break... so we were all staying up late and such But I didn't get to finish it because Non hadda go home because she was supposed to go to Cali the next day and come back... yah... hehe...One day I will finish it. ^^
Yeah.. thats enough about talking about movies
Well practically the whole spring break was spent at Non's house. Ahh, how I love to get away from my family... More freedom to do more stuff too. Bleh. Too bad spring break is over.. Its very depressing.
Whee on Monday.. Jane and DaVid oppa took me for the day... since Non was gone and all.. I did bongsa w/ them and we went to their condo and sat around and stuff... for some odd reason the wind was blowing hard and making annoying whistling sounds through the whole place... haha then David was telling me how sometimes when their friends and relatives come down to visit them from San Diego or other parts of Cali he hasta sleep on the floor w/ other ppl somewhat near the fire place... haha and then he said he cant sleep because "all of a sudden when the wind is blowing it'll come through the chimney and blow cold wind in and scare the ddong out of me" lol hilarious. Yeah... David never stops talking about ddong. lol and also.. "Jane Lady" ade 40 cooked eggs and we all went to a party at Non's emo's and halmonee's house. Omg. Poor Matthew. Sam and David were lying to him like mad. It started out w/ Matthew bragging about his PS2 and games and all of a sudden... David is like "Oh yeah Matthew? Guess what? I have a PS3!" It serves you drinks and candy while you're playing haha" lol then Sammy took it too far and told Matthew that he had a PS20... Good lord.. crazy boy. He went on to tell Matthew that I was trying to get the only PS20 before Sammy did and Sammy got it... haha the biggest liar in the world... Lol... Then he told Matthew to ask Jane what Cells were.. and Jane's answer was "LITTLE CIRCLES IN YOUR BODY!" omg lol... and Matthew went around screaming that. haha ... Oh yeah another one...[remember matthews only like 7 lol xD]
Sammy: How many kidneys do you have...
Matthew: Uhm..... 2? Yeah.. 2..
David and Sammy: ::GASP:: ONLY 2?
lol poor little kid
And then the other one was
David: How many lungs do you have Matthew?
Matthew: 1. I have 1 lung.
Sammy and David and Jane: OMG how can you survive on one lung? One smoke and youll die
Matthew: NO i meant I have 6 lungs !
lol... But yeah besides that nothing else happened.. the only gross part was when Matthew was trying to kiss me. NASTY little boy.
Non and I did early morning bongsa wendesday-friday w/ KeEEeEeeevin. Twas hilarious. lollll he makes me laugh so hard sometimes. We were talking about how I was sitting on the couch w/ my skirt and Nons dad walked in after washing his hair asking me what I was doing... and Kevins all .. "wait wait... did you have the skirt on? because i'm sure if you were sitting there w/ the skirt on your lap and not wearing it he's going to wonder what you're doing" and it just kept on going on like that...lol dork...xP
Bongsa was fun too...
I did most of my bongsa w/ YongMin Oppa. Twas fun. And encouraging. I never made myself realize how... hateful I am. and Yeah. YongMin oppas little lectures to our whole car group made me realize and such.. I guess.. =)
Oh my... All of a sudden Non's busted into the room and said "GUESS WHAT?! we're having DDOK-BBOK-GGEE!" and Jaysuns busts in w/ his gangster accent and goes.. "WHAT THE HECK IS DDOK-BBBBOOKKKK-KEEEEE?!" omg lol and then Non's mom comes in and goes.. "Jaysun.. you're act so gaylike at the restaurant.. w/ the flower in your hair" lol thats another story... and then Jaysun kept talking like a gangster and calling Non a ho and a foo... lol... funnaayyy... lol Non calls him a stripper.. because he has lotsa one dollar bills.. STRIPPER MONEY!! lol
Memorial Night was fun. Korean had 40 something. English had 220 something. Then we went to some place called blackmountain? Yah. Twas fun. Non and I put in new numbers for Kevin. That took us awhile.. haha.. And iunno. Jaysun was on crack or something. He was making funny sounds, acting gay, and stuff. But it was amusing. It was weird though.. there were A LOT of us... and they put all of us on one bill... That was dumb. It took awhile to figure out who had to pay what. =P Then me and Non and Myra and Jaysun went to go get Boba. I didn't get any because I'm absolutely sick and tired of it. haha.
Oh yeah the other funny thing that happened w/ Non and Jaysun.. was when Jaysun was wearing a wifebeater and Non goes "Eww Jaysun... Your armpit hair looks sooo ugly.. it looks like little mice underneath your armpit" LOL.. and then Jaysun responds w/ "NON! WHAT ARMPIT HAIR IS PRETTY? Tell me." lol... funnnaaayyy.
Yeah... and also... the other night... Non and I were having a discussion on guys I suppose.. Like best voice and best hair, best lips.. iunno.. something weird like that... she was trying to squeeze some information out of me... TOO BAD NON. haha. Then she just fell asleep and that was the end... haha
The other day... I was feeling depressed... because... spring break was almost over and such... and other reasons... mostly loneliness.. but whatever... heh =\
Yesterday... We did Junghee uhnnees jaebahngs... its soo freaking annoying.. i'm going to strangle myself if I hafta to more of her Jaebahngs...okay I wont go on.. I'll just get angrier
Another thing was Renee jameh was acting weird and crying... but thats another story I rather not talk about right now. hehe. moving on... =P
Good lord.. Non's mom just fed me some hot stuff.. My stomach is blah now.. haha.
Heres a Joke:
Question: What did one Volcano say to the other Volcano?
Answer: I "Lava" You.
Non's Answer: You Blow my top off.
lol. Non's on something. haha its okay.. =P
Soooo yeah... My whole spring break was spent at Non's house. My refuge, haha.
Yeah.. I don't remember what else I was going to put in here.. But if I do.. I'll probably add it later. I don't think Imma write in here for another week... until after we move.. =P Which is next sunday. Yay. whee hehe. Okies I'm tired of blogging... Bye bye ^^
--->>>>> cdhjcaaadf29 [ignore that]

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ddong. [04 Apr 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Well the last few days... have been boring... 3 days ago Karina said something flew in her eye... .and from then on she had her hand over her eye for the rest of the day. I told her.. that she grew a pimple in her eye..lol... [which is more commonly known as a stye but it sounds funnier as pimple] haha so she was upset and stuff because shes always in a bad mood...and she kept on telling me to shuttup up about it because she was trying to be serious lol... dork. So she didn't come to school for 2 days after because of her "poofy eye" lol. When I called her I asked her if she could find the phone okay... and get around the house w/ one eye xD... lol.. Okay enough about Karina and her pimply eye.
::sigh:: I was lonely.. Angela was gone on Thursday and Friday for some robotics or something... I dunno about... And karina too.. And those are the 2 ppl I mainly talk to... hehe
Twas funny in Chemistry yesterday.. Me, Billy, and Juan had all these extra stools because all these ppl were missing/excused/ditching/whatnot so we took a whole pile of stools and put them altogether so that we had room to either lay on them or put our feet up xD.. lol and then Mr. Dehne walks to the back wall where we are and asks us "Do you 3 need a lemonade or nice drink while relaxing back here?" lol... and then I forgot if it was Billy or Juan... says "Yeah. I'll take a lemonade" and Mr Dehne goes "Forget it. You're not at home, I'm not your butler.." Or something like that. lol xD Twas amusing...
WHEE I started off the quarter good in chemistry this time. Me is happy. ^^
OMG the other night Craig sent me this site w/ sheet music on it.. for FLUTES! And other instruments >.o and I was like WHEE new music to practice... but then when I took out my piccolo and flute and tried playing... I was like OMG I can't play anymore... I need to reteach myself... If I went back to my band class from last year.. I'd be ranked between Lizenia and Chante.. PSSHSHSHHHS. That sucks. Now that I think about it. I dont understand how I got first chair last year. We hadda record ourselves w/ the "Carmen" song thingie. I never practiced it and such... and everyone had turned in their tapes except me... So after the football game that we had to play at... I recorded myself in the car... and I was absolutely sure ZeZe would get first chair. I think Mr. Lacoff was drunk or something when he heard mine. xD. Nonetheless, It was okay. hehe
Today Leighton came up to me w/ this paper that had korean written on it. He seemed amazed by my reading or something. Haha thats the greatest part. When I'm around all these koreans and I'm reading off a paper in korean... I sound like a total illiterate person and then around ppl that are fascinated w/ every foreign word you say... Its like magic... Haha.. The paper said something about God and love and then I couldn't read the rest because his handwriting started to look chinese at the bottom. x__X;;
And yeah.. thats about it. Nothing new or interesting...
oOoOH Yeah.. JoJo has this thing hanging off her phone... little keychain dangly thing... I like it~! Its a star that lights up when someone calls. I don't understand how it works.. but its interesting... But I don't like the piggy thing hanging off of of the star. I'd take it off. =P
Okies. Well I'm done. Later.


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tsumaranai [31 Mar 2003|02:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Much to blog about.

-Saturday, March 29 2003-

Well the Cali people finally came at like 1:30 in the morning. Whee. The people were Jennifer, Joyce, Sulmi, Woo Jin, Daeman... and this other guy thats like 27 or something that I still don't know the name of because he was so quiet and such.. haha I dunno...
The guys went to go sleep at Yong Min oppas house... haha xD and Jennifer, Sulmi, and Joyce slept in Nons room while me and Non slept on a little twin bed in the office. lol people kept on saying that was cute. I say YOU try sleeping in one position, perfectly straight as to not fall off the bed... or on Non's side where you hafta keep yourself from hitting the wall or hitting the other person while you're twisting and turning in the night xD... Yah.. hehe =P
Me and Non got up early for morning bongsa... Non tried waking up the 3 because they said they wanted to go. HA. They were too tired. So we went without them.
Kevin picked us up and went to the kingdom hall... We waited a little bit as 2 car groups left and then finally David came so he got into the car w/ Me and Non and Kevin. So we were turning out to leave and then... Oh goodie. Junghee uhnee comes >>;; DANG WAS I EXCITED. -____-;; If ONLY we had left a few moments earlier... haha okay thats mean. Then John came... so we decided to separate into 2 groups... girls and guys..then junghee uhnee wanted to go w/ kevin because she didn't know where to go >>;; good lord.. its just gas stations... and such... so we wasted time and by taking 2 cars around and such... if you get what I mean... and yeah... that was annoying.. Yes. I dislike her. You get my point.
Whee we ditched korean school. Yay. I don't like it as much since Renee started coming. It's very annoying.
Me and Non had to go back to her house at 8:30 to meet the Cali people for breakfast. We had lamyun. Good Good. hehe.
We got to bongsa late... and guess who me and non got teamed up w/... Thats right. Renee and my mom. Oh the joy... Oh yeah and her mom too... but I don't have a problem w/ her mom haha. We hadda go pick up my mom from my house. So yeah.. And we did one house and a couple return visits or whatever and went back to drop off my mom and then in turn have Non's mom drop me and Non and Renee off at the kingdom hall to go to lunch at The Orleans w/ all these other ppl visiting from Cali.
Yah.. We went to The Orleans and had the buffet and everything... twas good hehe...The shrimp had like crap going up the back but that was okay.. lol it was funny... Jennifer took several pictures of the crawfish posing on her fork and in her napkin.. haha xD
Then we did more bongsa in the afternoon. Jane's friends from Cali stopped to go shopping haha... So I ended up in a car group w/ Non, Woo Jin, David and John. Woo Jin was driving Johns car.... He was pretty good at it... unlike John who makes the car jerk all around haha.. and then we had another group following us in Daeman and Jennifers van.. It had [daeman and jennifer of course] and joyce.. and that guy I do not know and Sulmi hehe.. Twas interesting... We got lost.. In summerlin xD
Afterwards we all decided to go out on the strip so while we waited at David's condo for the others to come w/ Yong Min oppa and such we just... watched this weird tv show... John called it "white trash programs" haha x__X;;
All the girls went to back to Non's house to change while the guys changed at Davids or Yongmin oppas condo... then we met up once again.. and separated into car groups... Hyunae who we later picked up was going to be in John's car w/ Kevin David and Jennifer.... and then I went into Daeman's van w/ that one guy i dunno his name, and Joyce and Woo Jin and Non and Sulmi. hehe. Twas warm. =P We later on came to find out that Jane and her group of people already had gone to some other shows on the strip and such. We decided to meet them at Treasure Island.
hahaha we were soo crowded.. It was me and Non and John and Kevin and David and Jane and Jennifer and Sulmi and Joyce and Woo Jin and Daeman and that guys name that I don't know and like 4 or 5 other ppl that I don't really know either. haha.
So I guess we were deciding if we were going to eat or go to another show or something [because the original plan was to go stratosphere later on or something] and so we went back to our cars and Daeman was about to drive off until David or someone got out of John's car and started running after us and mumbled something to Daeman and Woo Jin... So they got out of the car... and just left it there w/ the doors open in the night air x__X;; haha so Joyce took over and started driving around the parking lot w/ the 3 of us in the back.. singing a song.. lol ... I was laughing so hard... She sounded like a criminal getting away w/ Daeman's van hahaha... But then we drove back around to them because.. we finally wanted to see what the whole commotion was about.. It turned out that John's car was all messed. Somebody tried to jack it or something and all these pieces were on the floor, the the alarm was pulled out and so was the ignition or something like that. o__O;; Twas scary. I felt bad for him too. But the good thing was that nothing like his palm pilot got stolen =P.. and such.. So security came... and they were doing this weird check-up thing on the car... And I asked what they were doing and David told me they were checking for a bomb.. -____-;; lol. Loser. xD
So finally somehow we got his car to work and we went all went to Palms. But I wasn't hungry because it was already too late and such.. to eat at least... Palms was boring.. mostly.. except when me and Non were trying to teach the korean alphabet once again to Kevin.. haha he remembered the vowels which was good.
Then since Yongmin oppa joined us at the Palms all the girls, except me and Non, and Hyunae in the other car, went to his car.. because they're all in love w/ his "charming ways" haha xD... So me and Non and Daeman and Woojin and [once again] the guy that i dunno know his name went to Albertsons to "pick up some ice cream" to take to Yongmin oppas house. They bought more beer than ice cream lol. They also bought Yongmin oppa a frying pan. That should come in handy xD.
Finally when we got there.. it was just pure boredom.. after some ppl ate ice cream... and John was making the corniest jokes about M.S. Brass [store]-because Kevin had been looking through my list of phone numbers- and called it Ms. Brass.. lol like a teacher. >>;; John said "Your brass is grass" and "Kiss my brass" OMg... he was laughing so hard at his own jokes.. I was just like -____-;;.... Then I hadda laugh because his laugh was so gay... lol. Yes I know. I'm mean.
Then me and Non and John and Kevin put our phones in the middle of the table as a "bet" and started playing that ABCD hand game.. lol Kevin was going to drink... but he was already drunk enough without being given one.. ahaha it was soo funny. He kept making sound effects and Non and I just kept laughing. Then people started joining... and revenge started and such... twas interesting.. then it was time to go home.. To Non's home.. w/ the other girls..
When we got home we just collapsed because it was like 2 in the morning and we had already woken up so early before... And hadda wake up early the next day again.. for meeting. and breakfast x__X;;

-Sunday, March 30, 2003-

Wow. Sucha good night sleep.. haha yeah right. Anyways... for breakfast.. the guys came over w/ YongMin oppa and David...to join the girls.. o__O;;
The breakfast was good and filling.. Yum Yum.
Meeting was okay.. I was sorta zoning out because I was tired and such.
Then afterwards the Anaheim people were leaving.. because some of them wanted to get back to their meeting at 6 in the afternoon haha.
I just went home w/ Non and painted our fingernails and toenails for a little... I listened to that CD Kevin burned for me.. Its that song that I love.. ^^.. The time when we went to gameworks in his car w/ NOn and Craig and I. While David and Jane and John stood outside our parked car w/ weird looks on their faces.. haha.
Then we went to watched "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" on NOn's computer... but it bored me so I fell asleep for awhile xD lol.
Later on Jane called to tell us that she was picking us up to go to Auyeung Jameh's house to help her move... After everyone arrived and unloaded everything out of her apartment onto her lawn.. [and also while we slaved away when Matthew and Mingyue and Jose and Sammy played to their hearts desire] Non was trying to pick up this "No Parking" sign on the lawn thinking it was a lamp.... ROFL... Then since the t.v. and satellite and tables/chairs etc. were on the lawn.. David pulled out the cord on the television and said that we could hook up the plug to the power box that was a few feet away.. lol we were all on some natural high.. haha..
Then we got to Auyeung Jameh's new house... Its soo nice.. It's better than the new one I'm getting.. haha... They said it was small... If anythings small.. It's my new house thats small >>;; Blah. We unpacked everything and explored the house and then went out to eat to have this 10 course chinese meal thing. Twas good. [except for chicken feet] haha.
Then my "fun" for the weekend was over. Jane dropped me off at home. Blah. hehe. Mondays are always hard to go back to. *cries* =\

-Monday, March 31, 2003-

I hate Mondays/Goosenheimer day. I didn't go to American Lit or Spanish. World History was boring as usual. Computers was even worse. Lunch was blah. Chemistry, we had a test. Oh the joy. And in Math, we were told that the last quiz that we took, made over half of the class fail. DONT YOU JUST LOVE MONDAYS?
Well... Now that I'm finished blogging.. I'll just go sleep and such... I hate mondays. Bye bye.


DarK ShADoWs

Strawberrry Marshmallows! [29 Mar 2003|12:12am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Friday was mostly boring...
I'm currently at Non's house.
I'm spending the night obviously >>;;
hehe Yah. I'm bored
I haven't spent the night since her brother moved in .. because my mom is stupidly paranoid like that.
We're waiting for Woojin And Daeman and Jennifer and some other ppl to come... lol Non just called Daeman and he was at stateline but Non asked him "where are you" and Daeman was like "AT THE BORDER!" and then Non responded w/ "TO MEXICO? xD" LOL.... He's prolly gonna pull that line "Is it free?" everywhere we go again haha...
puahaha I'm talking Jessica. She gets offended by everything x__X;;
LiLKoreanQT87 (12:15:03 AM): o_O
LiLKoreanQT87 (12:15:07 AM): Get a tan.
x_X Yah that was amusing >.o hehe
School was sooo boring.. We were playing the clapping game in the back of chemistry today.. but I stopped because I didn't want to catch Mr. Dehne's attention today and then get lectured.. so Juan and Billy looked like they were holding hands after awhile because they couldn't do it right xD.... Then we hadda worksheet that I must finish one of these days... Whoopeee. I'll prolly forget about it again =\ Yeah and that was it.. everything else was soo boring...
I went to korean meeting.
Twas good.
Non gave was in a talk.
She did good in korean ^^
Last minute, I decided to sleep over. Dunno why this is any different from any other time w/ her bro there or whatever. My moms gay sometimes. Its okay.
Well thats about it for now. BLAH BLAH hehe...later


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toki :F [27 Mar 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Whee Eva's making Icons for me because shes got skillz to do it and I dont xD. Yeah. And cuz shes the best. =P
Anyways.. Today was boring. I went to job fair for 2 periods. There was no butt plugs there this time. Aww. lol [inside joke] hahaha.
I didnt get a good grade on my American Lit proj. :X I dislike her. Very much. But thats okay.
Whee. I got away from Spanish today. Goodie Goodie.
and World History was very boring. I must study for that test that we have tomorrow x__X;;
Comp. Was okay. Went to job fair during that period. But since I already went during spanish, I went w/ Laymu to the bleachers and taught her how to play pasoy. Angela was being merciless on the poor girl. >>;; hehe.
Lunch was blah.
Chemistry was funny. But yah. I like sorta zoned out. x__X;;
Geometry was weird this guy named Coates was bothering a buncha ppl... He gets offended when someone calls him "Jacketes" ahahaha xD
Yeah.. Well thats about it for now. Imma set up a friends LJ account for him ^^
bye bye


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puka [26 Mar 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I noticed that I'm always online. But always away. What's up w/ that. I might as well not be online. Whatever. One of these days... I might stop coming online ::laughs waiting to see the day that happens::

Nothing interesting has been going on lately. Yesterday was boring. and Today... Eva was all depressed and sad and such. Aww. Then at lunch Vicki and Doris were there. They were cracking me up. xD They made comments about the other table that we always seem to be connected w/... I hate all of them at that table. It's Amanda aka party hat, Missy aka happy girl, Pamela aka screaming birthday girl, Kasia aka [i forgot] ---lol Jojo what was Kasia again?---, and Juan and Kenny and his friend o__O and Kirill... BLEH .. and then at our table which is always connected to theirs is Johnathon and Luke.. Thats ddong. I dislike them. and the rest which I don't have a problem w/ -Eva, Karina, Angela, Katrina, Brittany and Amanda. ^^ Yah...
Bleh.. I feel like I'm catching a cold. I hope not.
Mr.Dehne has been nice lately.. he hasn't been giving homework which takes some stress off my brain. I turned in my American Lit homework today... The assignment was to putting an ending w/ a twist to the story that I am about to put in here.. ^^

The Sniper. By Liam O’Flaherty

The long June twilight faded into night. Dublin lay enveloped in darkness but for the dim light of the moon that shone through fleecy clouds, casting a pale light as of approaching dawn over the streets and the dark waters of the Liffey. Around the beleaguered Four Courts the heavy guns roared. Here and there through the city, machine-guns and rifles broke the silence of the night, spasmodically, like dogs barking on lone farms. Republicans and Free Staters were waging civil war.
On a roof-top near O’Connell Bride, a Republican sniper lay watching. Beside him lay his rifle and over his shoulders were slung a pair of field glasses. His face was the face of a student, thin and ascetic, but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic. They were deep and thoughtful, the eyes of a man who is used to look at death.
He was eating a sandwich hungrily. He had eaten nothing since morning. He had been to excited to eat. He finished the sandwich, and, taking a flask of whiskey from his pocket, he took a short draught, Then he returned the flask to his pocket. He paused for a moment, considering whether he should risk a smoke. It was dangerous. The flash might be seen in the darkness, and there were enemies watching. He decided to take the risk.
Placing a cigarette between his lips, he struck a match, inhaled the smoke hurriedly and put out the light. Almost immediately, a bullet flattened itself against the parapet of the roof. The sniper took another whiff and put out the cigarette. Then he swore softly and crawled away to the left.
Cautiously he raised himself and peered over the parapet. There was a flash and a bullet whizzed over his head. He dropped immediately. He had seen the flash. It came from the opposite side of the street.
He rolled over the roof to a chimney stack in the rear, and slowly drew himself up behind it, until his eyes were level with the top of the parapet. There was nothing to be seen—just the dim outline of the opposite housetop against the blue sky. His enemy was undercover.
Just then an armored car came across the bridge and advanced slowly up the street. It stopped on the opposite side of the street, fifty yards ahead. The sniper could hear the dull panting of the motor. His heart beat faster. It was an enemy car. He wanted to fire, but he knew it was useless. His bullets would never pierce the steel that covered the gray monster.
Then round the corner of a side street came an old woman, her head covered by a tattered shawl. She began to talk to the man in the turret car. She was pointing to the roof where the sniper lay. An informer.
The turret opened. A man’s head and shoulders appeared, looking toward the sniper. The sniper raised his rifle and fired. The head fell heavily on the turret wall. The woman darted toward the side street. The sniper fired again. The woman whirled round and fell with a shriek into the gutter.
Suddenly from the opposite roof a shot rang out and the sniper dropped his rifle with a curse. The rifle clattered to the roof. The sniper thought that the noise would wake the dead. He stopped to pick the rifle up. He couldn’t life it. His forearm was dead.
“Christ,” he muttered, “I’m hit.”
Dropping flat onto the roof, he crawled back to the parapet. With his left hand he felt the injured right forearm. The blood was oozing through the sleeve of his coat. There was no pain—just deadened sensation, as if the arm had been cut off.
Quickly he drew his knife from his pocket, opened it to the breastwork of the parapet, and ripped open the sleeve. There was a small hole where the bullet had entered. On the other side there was no hole. The bullet had lodged in the bone. It must have fractured it. He bent the arm below the wound. The arm bent back easily. He ground his teeth to overcome the pain.
Then taking out his field dressing, he ripped open the packet with his knife. He broke the neck of the iodine bottle and let the bitter fluid drip into the wound. A paroxysm of pain swept through him. He placed the cotton wadding over the wound and wrapped the dressing over it. He tied the ends with his teeth.
In the street beneath all was still. The armored car had retired speedily over the bridge, with the machine gunner’s head hanging lifeless over the turret. The woman’s corpse lay still in the gutter.
The sniper lay still for a long time nursing his wounded arm and planning escape. Morning must not find him wounded on the roof. The enemy on the opposite roof covered his escape. He must kill that enemy and he could not use his rifle. He had only a revolver to do it. Then he thought of a plan.
Taking off his cap, he placed it over the muzzle of his rifle. The he pushed the rifle slowly upward over the parapet, until the cap was visible from the opposite side of the street. Almost immediately there was a report, and a bullet pierced the center of the cap. The sniper slanted his rifle forward. The cap slipped down into the street. Then catching the rifle in the middle, the sniper dropped his left hand over the roof and let it hang, lifelessly. After a few moments he let the rifle drop to the street. Then he sand to the roof, dragging his hand with him.
Crawling quickly to the left, he peered up at the corner of the roof. His ruse had succeeded. The other sniper, seeing the cap and rifle fall, thought that he had killed his man. He was now standing before a row of chimney pots, looking across, with his head clearly silhouetted against the western sky.
The Republican sniper smiled and lifted his revolver above the edge of the parapet. The distance was about fifty yards—a hard shot in the dim light, and his right arm was paining him like a thousand devils. He took a steady aim. His hand trembled with eagerness. Pressing his lips together, he took a deep breath through his nostrils and fired. He was almost deafened with the report and his arm shook with the recoil.
Then when the smoke cleared and he peered across and uttered a cry of joy. His enemy had been hit. He was reeling over the parapet in his death agony. He struggled to keep his feet, but he was slowly falling forward, as if in a dream. The rifle fell from his grasp, hit the parapet, fell over, bounded off the pole of a barber’s shop beneath and then clattered on the pavement.
Then the dying man on the roof crumpled up and fell forward. The body turned over and over in space and hit the ground with a dull thud. Then it lay still.
The sniper looked at his enemy falling and he shuddered. The lust of battle died in him. He became bitten by remorse. The sweat stood out in beads on his forehead. Weakened by his wound and the long summer day of fasting and watching on the roof, he revolted from the sight of the shattered mass of his dead enemy. His teeth chattered, he began to gibber himself, cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody.
He looked at the smoking revolver in his hand, and with an oath he hurled it to the roof at his feet. The revolver went off with the concussion and the bullet whizzed past the sniper’s head. He was frightened back to his senses by the shock. His nerves steadied. The cloud of fear scattered from his mind and he laughed.
Taking the whiskey flask from his pocket, he emptied it at a draught. He felt reckless under the influence of the spirit. He decided to leave the roof now and look for his company commander, to report. Everywhere around was quiet. There was not much danger in going through the streets. He picked up his revolver and put it in his pocket. Then he crawled down through the sky-light to the house underneath.
When the sniper reached the laneway on the street level, he felt a sudden curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed. He decided that he was a good shot, whoever he was. He wondered did he know him. Perhaps he had been in his own company before the split in the army. He decided to risk going over to have a look at him. He peered around the corner into O’Connell Street. In the upper part of the street there was heavy firing, but around here all was quiet.
The sniper darted across the street. A machine-gun tore up the ground around him with a hail of bullets, but he escaped. He threw himself face downward beside the corpse. The machine-gun stopped.
Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face.

That was.. odd wasn't it...
Yeah o_o... That's right.. I was bored enough to type that whole thing up. I have no life. >>;;
I was gonna put the second part in but its corny because it suddenly turns into a love story... lol okies that enough of this... Imma go lay down or something.. bye bye


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RAGE!!! [24 Mar 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

Well... Not really... But still
Stupid Juan... I can't believe he hit me so hard today in the head... It was very strange... the whole left side of my head was red and achy in the afternoon [especially me ear x__X;;] because of him... I dunno.. usually I woulda fought back... -you ppl all know that- but all of a sudden.. I stopped trying... and walked away before he hurt me more. Karina too, was appalled, by his action. He's a butthole.

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Well... Not really... But still
Stupid Juan... I can't believe he hit me so hard today in the head... It was very strange... the whole left side of my head was red and achy in the afternoon [especially me ear x__X;;] because of him... I dunno.. usually I woulda fought back... -you ppl all know that- but all of a sudden.. I stopped trying... and walked away before he hurt me more. Karina too, was appalled, by his action. He's a butthole. <b?I hate you Juan.</b> Then he talked about how I had been mad the whole day because of certain things that I wont mention.. but I was like What the heck...He's sooo conceited and it does no good to argue w/ him because he twists everything in his own sick way. BLAH. That's enough of him.
I went to the mall to get something for my mom. Now shes happy ^^... but that'll only last for awhile >.o
::sigh:: I slept for a few hours... because of my gigantic headache... And Craig IMed me and told me that one of my 2 slightly different but same entries for Sunday? Eh... I don't think so... and whatcha talking about meeting on monday...hehe Whatever you're smoking Craig... You better gimme some too... lol jk.. We're going to make that "cool pplz club" one of these days w/ no members... hahaha xD.
Oh I just remember that Non messaged during class today and told me not to get raped by Juan. Too late. DIE JUAN, DIE. Naw not really... thats too mean. But yeah... hehe
Oh.. speaking of messages I went to Tmobile site and reordered text messages to my phone.. WOOHOO... lol muwahaha to my mother... But it'll save her lots of money instead of her always telling me to stop texting or stop having ppl text me.. Did you know they charge for incoming? That's a load of crap. I had a lot of incoming.. Darn you Angela.. haha j/k... Though I must admit she msgs me about the strangest things that I don't [sorry to say] really care about. o_O;; Whatevers. So yeah. My moms in a good mood. Tis scary now. >.o Yup yup yup... Altogether... today was very boring. Except the RAGE and ANGER and VIOLENCE part. That just sucked. Well.. I'm off to do whatever now.. bye bye. hehe xD

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More Conversations.. lol [23 Mar 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I put these in for my own reading and amusement. Don't read em. lol. haha

Whee vicki
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:05 PM): I have no patience I suppose
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:10 PM): That comes w/ being an only child
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:21 PM): You have tons of patience
ForevRdreamR88 (10:41:29 PM): all that training
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:30 PM): I could blah blah blah on for hours
ForevRdreamR88 (10:41:39 PM): r u sure you dont want more patience?
ForevRdreamR88 (10:41:42 PM): ::hands her little sister::
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:45 PM): and You wouldnt get all pissy
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:48 PM): Haha.
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:51 PM): I'd eat her.
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:57 PM): Don't give her to me
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:41:59 PM): lol jk
ForevRdreamR88 (10:42:15 PM): ::hands you a plate::
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:42:18 PM): hahaha
ForevRdreamR88 (10:42:19 PM): ::salt pepper::
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:42:35 PM): Thats right
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:42:37 PM): Imma cannibal
ForevRdreamR88 (10:42:46 PM): thats onlie if u eat ur own kinds
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:42:48 PM): haha that reminds me of that poem
ForevRdreamR88 (10:42:51 PM): my lil sis is on a whole new level
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:43:19 PM):
Help me

My name is Vicki
And I too am an animal
No I am not tricky
Just because I am a cannibal

My species is called human
Yes I know its uncommon
The things I do is inhumane
But hey, I cant feel like I'm drained

Without you
How can I eat?
I would be sad and blue.
Its like life with no toilet seats

So please, donate
Donate to my foundation
Dead people are contaminated
So please, I accept donations

Thank you

LiLKoreanQT87 (10:43:28 PM): Lol i love that poem
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:43:33 PM): but i ask myself..
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:43:37 PM): what was i smoking at the time
ForevRdreamR88 (10:43:58 PM): i wonder too
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:09 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:44:18 PM): but u can always dig a really big hole
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:21 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:24 PM): Back to the holes
ForevRdreamR88 (10:44:25 PM): and put all the ppl that annoy u into it
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:34 PM): You know they have a movie coming out called..
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:37 PM): "Holes"
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:38 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:44:43 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:44:47 PM): They took our movie theme!
ForevRdreamR88 (10:44:48 PM): hey i was about to say that
ForevRdreamR88 (10:44:59 PM): i hear law suit
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:45:04 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:46:33 PM): The movie isn't even about the things we were gonna do w/ holes
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:46:33 PM): haha
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:46:57 PM): Do you realize that if we actually put all the stuff in holes that we said we would
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:47:09 PM): Over half the world would disappear?
ForevRdreamR88 (10:47:14 PM): no way
ForevRdreamR88 (10:47:17 PM): o.0
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:47:25 PM): lol yep
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:47:34 PM): It's okay
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:47:37 PM): they're only people
ForevRdreamR88 (10:47:38 PM): well we could always make big floating cages
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:47:44 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:47:56 PM): no i like holes better
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:01 PM): haha
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:02 PM): yah
ForevRdreamR88 (10:48:07 PM): i read that book before
ForevRdreamR88 (10:48:20 PM): maybe thats y im so attracted to the idea of holes
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:24 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:37 PM): i just remembered that joke we used to talk about
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:43 PM): About how when we get pissed off
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:46 PM): we'd be like
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:54 PM): "oops another hole in the roof/wall/floor"
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:48:59 PM): hahaha
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:12 PM): oh lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:14 PM): and then on the phone
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:23 PM): u seemed to be always making strange noises
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:26 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:29 PM): or blanking out
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:38 PM): and imma like.. which wall did u break this time?
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:40 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:45 PM): in the middle of your stories
ForevRdreamR88 (10:49:58 PM): oh yea yesterday i was running to ::long pause::
ForevRdreamR88 (10:50:00 PM): ::silence::
ForevRdreamR88 (10:50:06 PM): ::more silence::
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:12 PM): lol its because I got too involved in my games
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:13 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:51:02 PM): and then that one time ur like write this down
ForevRdreamR88 (10:51:02 PM): write this down
ForevRdreamR88 (10:51:02 PM): o.o
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:08 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:20 PM): I remember that
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:31 PM): Do you still have that by any chance
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:32 PM): LOL
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:33 PM): xD
ForevRdreamR88 (10:51:47 PM): lol good one
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:02 PM): lol I got rid of that game
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:11 PM): finally after 6 months straight of playing it
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:14 PM): i got sick of it
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:21 PM): Karina is bringing a new game tomorrow
ForevRdreamR88 (10:52:23 PM): sure u did
ForevRdreamR88 (10:52:26 PM): i see u
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:26 PM): It's a shooting game.
ForevRdreamR88 (10:52:29 PM): hiding in the corners
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:31 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:52:32 PM): playing the game
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:34 PM): haha
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:39 PM): I'm all trying to be like
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:42 PM): sonic the hedgehog
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:52:50 PM): ::rolls on the floor::
ForevRdreamR88 (10:52:56 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:53:00 PM): oh geez
ForevRdreamR88 (10:53:09 PM): i can so see u doing that
ForevRdreamR88 (10:53:16 PM): screaming the rings the rings
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:53:20 PM): Lol i know.. Sad thing is.. so can I
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:53:24 PM): LOL the rings
ForevRdreamR88 (10:53:26 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:53:36 PM): suffering from withdrawl
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:53:40 PM): hahahaha
ForevRdreamR88 (10:54:16 PM): lol its like stitch
ForevRdreamR88 (10:54:20 PM): when he rolls around
ForevRdreamR88 (10:54:22 PM): lol
ForevRdreamR88 (10:54:24 PM): okay next
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:55:12 PM): lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:55:24 PM): My mom thinks I'm going crazy from laughing too hard
ForevRdreamR88 (10:56:15 PM): hehe
ForevRdreamR88 (10:56:48 PM): if u start rolling around
ForevRdreamR88 (10:56:55 PM): and screaming the rings
ForevRdreamR88 (10:56:59 PM): shes gonna take u to an asylum
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:59:02 PM): lol fosho

wheee vit
AzNViSioNeZ (10:49:34 PM): did u get it?
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:39 PM): yah
AzNViSioNeZ (10:49:43 PM): okie
AzNViSioNeZ (10:49:44 PM): =P
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:45 PM): but im not gonna update tonight
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:47 PM): too lazy
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:50 PM): its in my profile
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:49:51 PM): thanks a lot
AzNViSioNeZ (10:50:14 PM): she look nekkid =D
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:22 PM): She is
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:28 PM): I picked it just for you.
AzNViSioNeZ (10:50:31 PM): haha
AzNViSioNeZ (10:50:32 PM): ty ty
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:45 PM): The next one is gonnna have Naru in water... and shes naked too
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:47 PM): Just for you
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:50:48 PM): lol
AzNViSioNeZ (10:51:08 PM): haha
AzNViSioNeZ (10:51:08 PM): ok
AzNViSioNeZ (10:51:12 PM): keep up teh good work =)
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:51:17 PM): haha =P
AzNViSioNeZ (10:57:13 PM): ket
AzNViSioNeZ (10:57:15 PM): i got a problem
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:57:20 PM): what
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:12 PM): this one girl
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:13 PM): i like
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:16 PM): she lost my mp3 player
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:17 PM): =\
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:58:25 PM): ahh crap
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:34 PM): what sohuld i do
AzNViSioNeZ (10:58:35 PM): -.-
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:58:47 PM): Well... Does she like you?
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:58:51 PM): Or was she just using you?
AzNViSioNeZ (10:59:07 PM): she wasnt using me
AzNViSioNeZ (10:59:11 PM): she had detention right?
AzNViSioNeZ (10:59:15 PM): so i let her borrow it
AzNViSioNeZ (10:59:17 PM): for detention
AzNViSioNeZ (10:59:28 PM): then she lost it at badminton practice
LiLKoreanQT87 (10:59:59 PM): I'd say
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:04 PM): ask her to pay for half of it
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:07 PM): at least...
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:10 PM): ya know
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:10 PM): but
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:12 PM): shes a girl
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:14 PM): and i like her
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:16 PM): =\
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:21 PM): if it were a guy
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:22 PM): I know. But still.. It's not right to lose pplz stuff
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:29 PM): i would be like
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:29 PM): At least half vit....
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:33 PM): It's only right.
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:34 PM): HEY MOTHER F****R PAY ME UP
AzNViSioNeZ (11:00:39 PM): i dunno
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:00:52 PM): If I lost your mp3 player I'd pay for it. Because thats just only right
AzNViSioNeZ (11:01:06 PM): 80$ is a lot of moeny tho
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:15 PM): Yeah. But the thing is
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:18 PM): YOU paid for it
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:24 PM): ALL of it
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:27 PM): You're only asking half
AzNViSioNeZ (11:01:35 PM): sigh
AzNViSioNeZ (11:01:37 PM): i dunno
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:44 PM): You know you wanna take my advice
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:01:49 PM): Don't do it because of some girl
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:02:02 PM): Girls will take advantage of you in high school especially
AzNViSioNeZ (11:02:36 PM): =\
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:02:53 PM): Come on... Just ask for at least half.
AzNViSioNeZ (11:03:02 PM): ill see
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:03:03 PM): Be reasonable... And don't be all obsessive
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:03:05 PM): over her.
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:03:23 PM): Okies..
AzNViSioNeZ (11:04:04 PM): =\
AzNViSioNeZ (11:04:08 PM): but still
AzNViSioNeZ (11:04:10 PM): its kinda weird
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:04:14 PM): It's not
AzNViSioNeZ (11:04:15 PM): asking a girl to pay you
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:04:20 PM): Just pretend that shes a guy lol
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:04:22 PM): I'm jk
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:04:26 PM): Just explain
AzNViSioNeZ (11:04:32 PM): regardless that i like her... its a girl
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:05:43 PM): That since it did cost a lot of money.. AND she did lose it.. because you gave it to her.. trusting that she would take better care... she's half responsible... and then ask if it would be possible that under those circumstances... she would be able to pay some of the half that you're asking for.
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:06:08 PM): Explain that.
AzNViSioNeZ (11:06:18 PM): lol...........
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:06:52 PM): Or just gimme her sn.. and I'll tell her to cough up the money.
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:06:53 PM): lol jk
AzNViSioNeZ (11:07:03 PM): haha
AzNViSioNeZ (11:07:07 PM): i was thinking about that
AzNViSioNeZ (11:07:09 PM): but nahz its ok
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:07:16 PM): okies
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:07:17 PM): haha
AzNViSioNeZ (11:07:18 PM): i dun wanna ruin a friendship over a mp3 palyer
LiLKoreanQT87 (11:07:22 PM): Right.

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