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i'm so out of it o_o...

That song is the song we were listening to last week as we were driving away from the beach in Cali. Tis an okay song. =)

Yah. Well I thought I was gonna update this more often... but then... when I tried last time my mom interfered and we got into this whole argument and yah. o_o. Then we just got all upset and pissy and cried and on and on... whatevers. Shes having her mid-life crisis thingie (if you wanna call it that) but yah. Tis great for me, eH?... Then theres my wonderful father, whos paranoid, and always angry, and moody, and idiotic. Not that I'm trying to put him down, but seriuosly, if you lived w/ this insane man, you'd see the dumb choices he makes/does/thinks about... o_O. I've explained it before to some people. But don't feel like writing it in LJ. hehe. But overall things and people in my house, including me have been worse and more irritated.

Yah. Nothing much has been going on. I went back to summer school- U.S. Government. bleh. School is never good. Even if its easy like this class. The monday I went back, I died in class... like literally... because on Sunday night me and Non rode in Kevin's car back from Cali to Vegas while John followed in his own car. Yah... I WONDER WHY NO ONE WANTED TO RIDE WITH JOHN. heh. but anyways... it was fun. Before we left Cali... we went to the beach and had a little something to eat too. It was all good.... Yah... and since Kevin's like that kinda driver that weaves in and out of traffic and all that good stuff like that it was fun ride all the way. But when we drove off the freeway to stop by Baja Fresh... John came up to me and said "I love having Kevin to drive with on the road because it gives me someone to race with and a challenge to".... I was like... what the heck. As far as I saw... John was following behind Kevin the whole time... ::ahem:: Yah and hes the one w/ the stick shift so.... I dunno what his point was supposed to be...but it was stupid. =) (and yes I know I'm harsh on John but I don't really care) =P... SOoo We got back to Vegas around 12:00pm and such. Non left her phone in Kevin's car so Kevin had to drive down the block from where he lives and sneak it back to me because my dad was pissy and stuff. See? My dads the one causing most of the problems. No one understands that concept. hehe. Then I talked on the phone for a long time because I was bored, and not sleepy at the time. So I didn't go to sleep at all and went straight to school. ANd that, my friends, is how I died at school on Monday last week. hehe. Oh yah. I forgot to mention, the reason I came back with Kevin and such and not my mom was because she hadda drop off my Emo in San Diego-- To go do her business and other stuff. hehe. Then my mom came home the next day.

la la la. Some days in summer school is so long and boring I just cant stand it. And some days I'm in a working mood. Tis weird. So last week, after I recovered from having no sleep. I went through the whole rest of the U.S. government book, and did all the chapter/section vocabulary. Yes. That's right. I am bored. haha. Then I was gonna start try doing all the notes. But I seem to have a problem taking notes, I make them too in depth. and I take too long and such. So yah. I gave up on notes. Blah blah blah. =) You know our group in summer school is really...weird... haha but its okay... like at our table, we have a mexican, vietnamese, full flip, half flip/half krn, half krn/half caucasian, full caucasian, and a new addition-- a japanese. Wow. yah. But its cool because they make all these racist comments and no one ever cares or says anything... except Non... because she has korean pride and all hehe. =) but yah. Besides that... some conversations are pretty sick. Especially Steve, the mexican. xD lol. I wont put he says... because its just too disgusting... haha. But yah. That about wraps up my summer school life.

On friday, nothing special went on. I just went to school and such. I went to korean meeting later. Afterwards a few of us went to Mulligans to give David a small dinner thing before he went back to San Diego the next morning. Then after all the older/married people left -which left me non david and hyunae- we drove around for awhile looking for starbucks/ice cream place... but it was like late or something so nothing was really open haha. So we ended up going to Denny's and Non and Hyunae ate a sundae and a cake or something and I didn't want any because I'm breaking out enough already, and it was kinda late for those things for me... and then omg, David said he didnt want any because he didn't wanna get fat. Yah Non and Hyunae looked like they were gonna slap him lol. Because he's sooo stickly skinny. So then they all talked about Cali peoples, girls and guys, meaningless stuff, and that ended it. We all separated our own ways. ::sigh:: he's gone now. It leaves me Non and Hyunae. Its not gonna be the same. Haha. Oh wellz. We shall see what the future brings us. =)

Hmm... Newest thing that happened, that I can remember.... was yesterday which was saturday...... I went out in korean service, then went to korean school... (then someone said something today to me that someone else said about something that happened in korean school... and I was like o_O. What a loser... but thats besides the point) and then went home, talked on the phone, went to Craig's gathering at his house. His house is nice. I want it. Not really though. hehe. and then Me, NOn, Craig, his friend from NY- Louis, Eden, and John played cards. At first we were all playing in the game of Phase 10 and I didnt know how to play but somehow I won first round which was like confusing... then second round I was losing almost as much as Craig... So we just played speed, and then speed and phase 10 got boring so we played BS. Or as we call it... BEAR DDONG. OR BULLL!! haha dont ask. Twas fun. I won first 2 rounds lol. Because I was kinda quiet about it =) Then we went home. Because John had to go home. heh. Today, Non told me that John thought I was pissed at him last night or something. Although I wasn't. I guess he cant tell the difference when I really am pissed at him or something. Iunno. WHo cares.

Today I went to Korean meeting, got crap about choosing to go to english meeting too, went to english meeting, got picked up by my mom and non, went to my house a little later, non took over my comp when I was still using it, Kevin picked us up to go to the swimming party, swam and did laps a lot, later on got told by Non about something that was a total mess up that I wont talk about here =), swam more, ate, swam more, did laps, watched as John hit his head into the steps, heh, lingered around, changed, went to Non's house, later on got picked up by my mom, came here, and heres where I am. Doomed for life. hehe. I think imma go find a way to open the screen thing on my window... so I can get in and out of the house easier lol. So yah. That's the latest. That's all. Gnite. Because I'm tired. I guess from swimming. AND LACK OF SLEEP BECAUSE IM DUMB LIKE THAT. hehe laters

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