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haha i know you love that song. =P and the name of it too. hehe anyways... my whole family seems to be asleep. i havent written in here for ages. haha. got busy i guess.
where do i start? First off... i'm enjoying not living in the "ghetto" haha. and Second... I went back to school DOH ><. It's worth it I suppose, if I plan on doing what I'm going to do in senior year. we'll see.. Yep. I'm taking u.s. government. I try to look at it from a positive side, at least I won't hafta take a full and exaggerated year of it and I get a credit out of the way, and its pretty easy as long as you follow the assignments. xD. Yah. Then next summer i'm going to take something else. So that perhaps my plan will work muwhahahaha.

Right now... I wear only a tshirt and a huge piece of soft cloth wrapped around my waist. lol. yeah that kinda sounds wrong. >D my clothes are in my moms room. err... my shorts are in my moms room. iun wanna wake her up so that she'll nag me to go to sleep. so this is the only resort i'm left w/ lol. interesting huh?

I think I've had only a few good times since we got off school and such. One is when Hyunae or Kevin were picking me up every morning to go in early morning service. We all just about died lol. Twas fun. And then Hyunae, David, and Kevin, and who else came out w/ us just got sorta sick of Einstein Bagels. haha.
Hmm... There was this other time when me, Non, Kevin, Craig, and John stayed at the Winder's pool til like 9:30pm or something. Then we got Starbucks and ran around in the park in Seven Hills and wore/hid eachothers flips flops, climbed the playground equipment, swang, "skipped through the meadows" as Craig called it xD, and just sat around and talked. haha. I "found" this cave thing, and I was trying to get Non to go w/ me. But the sign above it [forgot what it said] scared her or something, plus it was like 10pm haha. Good reasons i suppose =P. Then I remember Craig hadda go home cuz he hadda work. heh. So then me, Non, Kevin, and John went driving around looking for "secret places" lol. Twas much fun. Kevin found this spot where it somewhat looks over the valley but its sooo dirty, rocky, and thorny lol. Yah. Then it was getting kinda late so we dropped Non off at home. Then John realized he left his car keys in Craig's car so we hadda go back to Craig's house to get his keys, go back and get Johns car and then we just all drove back to Southern Highlands. Yup. My mom was pissy. That's always fun -__-.

Another good time. I'm not sure when I last wrote, or what i wrote, so I might be repeating myself, but oh well. Who cares. Me, Non, Hyunae, and David went to the movies to see "Finding Nemo" ::gasp:: yeah I know... Didn't expect that from David huh? Anyways the movie was cute and funny. BUBBLES! muwahha. and.. yeah... then we went for Starbucks and Panda Express. What a combination... huh? haha.

Yeah. Then there were times when it was a beatdown. But I wont write it here. Too many people see. haha. Must be careful. Right Jojo? =P [eh jojo, btw if you're reading this can you tell me that name thing lol] me is so forgetful.

I've been spending a lot of time at Non's house. Like almost everyday afterschool. Haha. Tis good though because for one thing I don't hafta be bored at my house, and another is that I won't hafta put up/be around/see/talk to my dad. Which makes more peace. =) And puts me in a better mood. Now that I moved, its easier to get away from my family that was bringing tears to me everyday before.

Hmm.. What else. I went to Cali. Nothing special. Twas w/ no one. Just for convention. The talks were good. But I was lonely. But I'm going again for international convention. muwahaha.

I was talking to Non the other day about what kinda person I was looking for if I ever did wanna get married sometime in the future. [but i dont think so. single life looks good to me right now =)] But it was kinda funny because I was using like 8+ different people to describe certain qualities thats good. ONCE AGAIN, I would put it down here but too risky. lol. BUT IF I WANNA BE STALKED I'LL BE SURE TO PUT IT IN HERE IN BOLD LETTERS ONE DAY HAHA.

Oh yah. I got my report card the other day. It wasn't that bad actually. =) So I'm satisfied for now. hehe.

More news. CO visit in english congregation twas realllyyyy good. Right now we have CO visit in Korean. Tis verryyyyyyyyyy confusing... Because I'm dumb =\

Anyways... The more time I spend around Non's family, the more they refer to me as a sister or something haha. Its funny. Like Non's dad and Kevin picked us up from school the other day and Kevin was arguing w/ her dad that he should take us to pho because he's not going to have us for very much longer and is gonna miss us and all that fun stuff. Twas hilarious. Kevin was doing that the whole time. and Non's dad is funny too. He's like the negative force against Kevin. We need more people like that in the world haha. Then we got boba. Ahh. Twas all good.

Also today I went w/ Non to get her senior pix done. Twas funny. They gave a piece of cloth that was too big to wear. I woulda laughed if it fell off onto the ground or something lol. Anyways, the picture taking place was by Clark. That was wonderful. >< haha. Bad memories when I see that place.

That's another thing. Like freshman year, I had fun, because I rebelled against my mother and "father" so much. I lied a lot too. That was pretty stupid in many ways. But at the same time I like had my share of "fun" and then sophomore year came around, and my priorities, goals, and outlook on things kinda changed and didnt wanna be afterschool w/ ppl as much anymore. Iunno. Probably kinda sounds retarded for some of you nosy xD people reading this. but I can't really explain. Kinda just hafta live it. And if you have a problem. I suggest you go tell it to the roaches. =P

Hmm... I never talked about the people in my government class... haha they're all weirdos. My teacher is Mr. Bashay and he's from Non's school- Silverado. I sit at a group w/ 5 other people. 4 of whom come from Silverado. We're all connected in some way. Its kinda scary. Like theres Lizz who works at the same Sears my mom does and who went to middle school and high school w/ Non. and then there Voo/Chris who knows this one girl thats connected to this guy in Non's family. [no names =P] and then Theres steve whos always talking about his gang and past experiences, and ex-girlfriends, and screwing people. Yah. We call him the mexican Monk. Lol. then theres Vanessa. Who also goes to Silverado [steve too] SHe has some weird facial expressions, like they're over expressed and her face is gonna pop off. and shes kinda ditzy and dull. But its okay. Finally, theres Non who I've known since I was born. So yah. The rest of the class. I dunno. I don't talk to them. But its all a lot of work =\. hehe. Yup yup

Today online, I talked to Pam [-Miller--- nope sorry, not the annoying one that everyone hates except her weird group of friend and Juan and Kirill lol --that was over explained] Everytime I talk to her, she asks me the same question. And ever single time I answer the same thing...
Pam- "Do You like any new guy?"
Ket- "no -__-"
Pam- "How come?"
Ket- "iunno >>;"
Yup. Interesting convo huh? haha. Maybe she'll ask something different one day... haha.

Oh yah. Speaking of Juan. eh. Nevermind. I'll write somewhere else lol. This is like what.. the 3rd time Jojo? you must remind me to write it... haha

Well I think I'm kinda tired now. So i'll stop. I can't remember anything else off hand.. so yah. Later.

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