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omg. Its been so long since I updated. Wow. hehe.
Yeah anyways... what can I say. Lots.
I've been watching quite a few movies lately. Some old, some new.
I watched...
-Anne of Green Gables the continuing story... [3rd one]
-Panic room
-Resident Evil
-Blue Crush
-Ghost Ship
-Lilo and Stitch
-Bulletproof Monk
-My Big Fat Greek Wedding
i think there might have been something else... but I forget... Yeah.. Anne of Green Gables was a beatdown. The first two were like "aww how sweet" and then like in the 3rd set... its just like..."what the heck... its not innocent anymore... its all about war and death" psshh...
Yah Panic Room was pretty good. I wanted to see that before... but since its rated-r or whatever... the only place I can watch that kinda stuff is on Jaysun's DVD player xD since he has all those good movies and all. =P
I noticed that Non doesnt like "scary movies" so movies like Resident Evil and Ghost ship were like "AHHH" to her. Tis interesting to me. I found those kinds of types of movies more appealing than comedy... because comedy doesnt have plot and mystery. Yah anyways. Resident Evil was just like Good lord... zombies...
Blue Crush.. iunno. It was aiight... Nothing special. haha
[if you wanted to see ghost ship and haven't seen it... skip this part] Yeah anyways, Ghost Ship was quite interesting. We watched it on Jaysun's DVD player yet again and late at night and such. It was pretty much sick at the beginning. Theres this guy that hasta kill all these ppl because of some destined soul or something [i dunno I forgot how he explained it] and so all these ppl all are on the deck dancing and stuff in the beginning and some weird wire that holds something gets cut on one end and slices through all the people... the sickest part was when they showed them all falling apart...and like reaching for this the other half of their body... then years later these ppl come to salvage the ship and they end up getting killed because the guy that tried killed all those ppl years ago was the same person on the salvage crew and such... yah it was interesting...
We watched Lilo and Stitch right after Panic Room. lol... to calm Non's nerves down... anyways... I saw it before.... But ever since a few days ago when Myra was talking like Stitch... me and Non keep talking like him lol. We're dorks. But its okay.
Drumline... Hmm... Movie about band... Mostly about drums... hmmm. Whatever.. haha. The beats were good xP
Bulletproof Monk... I went to go see that in the movie theaters w/ Non, Non's Dad, Kevin, Craig, Craig's cousins, Shirley and Heather. But before that we went to get Pho. Ahhh phos the best. I love it. lol.. but yeah anyways.. the movie was okay... it was nothing to rant and rave about... Kinda corny.. haha
And lastly... My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Twas funny... Me and Non and YongMin oppa and Jane and David oppa and John. We watched it on the Sunday that we started spring break... so we were all staying up late and such But I didn't get to finish it because Non hadda go home because she was supposed to go to Cali the next day and come back... yah... hehe...One day I will finish it. ^^
Yeah.. thats enough about talking about movies
Well practically the whole spring break was spent at Non's house. Ahh, how I love to get away from my family... More freedom to do more stuff too. Bleh. Too bad spring break is over.. Its very depressing.
Whee on Monday.. Jane and DaVid oppa took me for the day... since Non was gone and all.. I did bongsa w/ them and we went to their condo and sat around and stuff... for some odd reason the wind was blowing hard and making annoying whistling sounds through the whole place... haha then David was telling me how sometimes when their friends and relatives come down to visit them from San Diego or other parts of Cali he hasta sleep on the floor w/ other ppl somewhat near the fire place... haha and then he said he cant sleep because "all of a sudden when the wind is blowing it'll come through the chimney and blow cold wind in and scare the ddong out of me" lol hilarious. Yeah... David never stops talking about ddong. lol and also.. "Jane Lady" ade 40 cooked eggs and we all went to a party at Non's emo's and halmonee's house. Omg. Poor Matthew. Sam and David were lying to him like mad. It started out w/ Matthew bragging about his PS2 and games and all of a sudden... David is like "Oh yeah Matthew? Guess what? I have a PS3!" It serves you drinks and candy while you're playing haha" lol then Sammy took it too far and told Matthew that he had a PS20... Good lord.. crazy boy. He went on to tell Matthew that I was trying to get the only PS20 before Sammy did and Sammy got it... haha the biggest liar in the world... Lol... Then he told Matthew to ask Jane what Cells were.. and Jane's answer was "LITTLE CIRCLES IN YOUR BODY!" omg lol... and Matthew went around screaming that. haha ... Oh yeah another one...[remember matthews only like 7 lol xD]
Sammy: How many kidneys do you have...
Matthew: Uhm..... 2? Yeah.. 2..
David and Sammy: ::GASP:: ONLY 2?
lol poor little kid
And then the other one was
David: How many lungs do you have Matthew?
Matthew: 1. I have 1 lung.
Sammy and David and Jane: OMG how can you survive on one lung? One smoke and youll die
Matthew: NO i meant I have 6 lungs !
lol... But yeah besides that nothing else happened.. the only gross part was when Matthew was trying to kiss me. NASTY little boy.
Non and I did early morning bongsa wendesday-friday w/ KeEEeEeeevin. Twas hilarious. lollll he makes me laugh so hard sometimes. We were talking about how I was sitting on the couch w/ my skirt and Nons dad walked in after washing his hair asking me what I was doing... and Kevins all .. "wait wait... did you have the skirt on? because i'm sure if you were sitting there w/ the skirt on your lap and not wearing it he's going to wonder what you're doing" and it just kept on going on like that...lol dork...xP
Bongsa was fun too...
I did most of my bongsa w/ YongMin Oppa. Twas fun. And encouraging. I never made myself realize how... hateful I am. and Yeah. YongMin oppas little lectures to our whole car group made me realize and such.. I guess.. =)
Oh my... All of a sudden Non's busted into the room and said "GUESS WHAT?! we're having DDOK-BBOK-GGEE!" and Jaysuns busts in w/ his gangster accent and goes.. "WHAT THE HECK IS DDOK-BBBBOOKKKK-KEEEEE?!" omg lol and then Non's mom comes in and goes.. "Jaysun.. you're act so gaylike at the restaurant.. w/ the flower in your hair" lol thats another story... and then Jaysun kept talking like a gangster and calling Non a ho and a foo... lol... funnaayyy... lol Non calls him a stripper.. because he has lotsa one dollar bills.. STRIPPER MONEY!! lol
Memorial Night was fun. Korean had 40 something. English had 220 something. Then we went to some place called blackmountain? Yah. Twas fun. Non and I put in new numbers for Kevin. That took us awhile.. haha.. And iunno. Jaysun was on crack or something. He was making funny sounds, acting gay, and stuff. But it was amusing. It was weird though.. there were A LOT of us... and they put all of us on one bill... That was dumb. It took awhile to figure out who had to pay what. =P Then me and Non and Myra and Jaysun went to go get Boba. I didn't get any because I'm absolutely sick and tired of it. haha.
Oh yeah the other funny thing that happened w/ Non and Jaysun.. was when Jaysun was wearing a wifebeater and Non goes "Eww Jaysun... Your armpit hair looks sooo ugly.. it looks like little mice underneath your armpit" LOL.. and then Jaysun responds w/ "NON! WHAT ARMPIT HAIR IS PRETTY? Tell me." lol... funnnaaayyy.
Yeah... and also... the other night... Non and I were having a discussion on guys I suppose.. Like best voice and best hair, best lips.. iunno.. something weird like that... she was trying to squeeze some information out of me... TOO BAD NON. haha. Then she just fell asleep and that was the end... haha
The other day... I was feeling depressed... because... spring break was almost over and such... and other reasons... mostly loneliness.. but whatever... heh =\
Yesterday... We did Junghee uhnnees jaebahngs... its soo freaking annoying.. i'm going to strangle myself if I hafta to more of her Jaebahngs...okay I wont go on.. I'll just get angrier
Another thing was Renee jameh was acting weird and crying... but thats another story I rather not talk about right now. hehe. moving on... =P
Good lord.. Non's mom just fed me some hot stuff.. My stomach is blah now.. haha.
Heres a Joke:
Question: What did one Volcano say to the other Volcano?
Answer: I "Lava" You.
Non's Answer: You Blow my top off.
lol. Non's on something. haha its okay.. =P
Soooo yeah... My whole spring break was spent at Non's house. My refuge, haha.
Yeah.. I don't remember what else I was going to put in here.. But if I do.. I'll probably add it later. I don't think Imma write in here for another week... until after we move.. =P Which is next sunday. Yay. whee hehe. Okies I'm tired of blogging... Bye bye ^^
--->>>>> cdhjcaaadf29 [ignore that]
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