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Much to blog about.

-Saturday, March 29 2003-

Well the Cali people finally came at like 1:30 in the morning. Whee. The people were Jennifer, Joyce, Sulmi, Woo Jin, Daeman... and this other guy thats like 27 or something that I still don't know the name of because he was so quiet and such.. haha I dunno...
The guys went to go sleep at Yong Min oppas house... haha xD and Jennifer, Sulmi, and Joyce slept in Nons room while me and Non slept on a little twin bed in the office. lol people kept on saying that was cute. I say YOU try sleeping in one position, perfectly straight as to not fall off the bed... or on Non's side where you hafta keep yourself from hitting the wall or hitting the other person while you're twisting and turning in the night xD... Yah.. hehe =P
Me and Non got up early for morning bongsa... Non tried waking up the 3 because they said they wanted to go. HA. They were too tired. So we went without them.
Kevin picked us up and went to the kingdom hall... We waited a little bit as 2 car groups left and then finally David came so he got into the car w/ Me and Non and Kevin. So we were turning out to leave and then... Oh goodie. Junghee uhnee comes >>;; DANG WAS I EXCITED. -____-;; If ONLY we had left a few moments earlier... haha okay thats mean. Then John came... so we decided to separate into 2 groups... girls and guys..then junghee uhnee wanted to go w/ kevin because she didn't know where to go >>;; good lord.. its just gas stations... and such... so we wasted time and by taking 2 cars around and such... if you get what I mean... and yeah... that was annoying.. Yes. I dislike her. You get my point.
Whee we ditched korean school. Yay. I don't like it as much since Renee started coming. It's very annoying.
Me and Non had to go back to her house at 8:30 to meet the Cali people for breakfast. We had lamyun. Good Good. hehe.
We got to bongsa late... and guess who me and non got teamed up w/... Thats right. Renee and my mom. Oh the joy... Oh yeah and her mom too... but I don't have a problem w/ her mom haha. We hadda go pick up my mom from my house. So yeah.. And we did one house and a couple return visits or whatever and went back to drop off my mom and then in turn have Non's mom drop me and Non and Renee off at the kingdom hall to go to lunch at The Orleans w/ all these other ppl visiting from Cali.
Yah.. We went to The Orleans and had the buffet and everything... twas good hehe...The shrimp had like crap going up the back but that was okay.. lol it was funny... Jennifer took several pictures of the crawfish posing on her fork and in her napkin.. haha xD
Then we did more bongsa in the afternoon. Jane's friends from Cali stopped to go shopping haha... So I ended up in a car group w/ Non, Woo Jin, David and John. Woo Jin was driving Johns car.... He was pretty good at it... unlike John who makes the car jerk all around haha.. and then we had another group following us in Daeman and Jennifers van.. It had [daeman and jennifer of course] and joyce.. and that guy I do not know and Sulmi hehe.. Twas interesting... We got lost.. In summerlin xD
Afterwards we all decided to go out on the strip so while we waited at David's condo for the others to come w/ Yong Min oppa and such we just... watched this weird tv show... John called it "white trash programs" haha x__X;;
All the girls went to back to Non's house to change while the guys changed at Davids or Yongmin oppas condo... then we met up once again.. and separated into car groups... Hyunae who we later picked up was going to be in John's car w/ Kevin David and Jennifer.... and then I went into Daeman's van w/ that one guy i dunno his name, and Joyce and Woo Jin and Non and Sulmi. hehe. Twas warm. =P We later on came to find out that Jane and her group of people already had gone to some other shows on the strip and such. We decided to meet them at Treasure Island.
hahaha we were soo crowded.. It was me and Non and John and Kevin and David and Jane and Jennifer and Sulmi and Joyce and Woo Jin and Daeman and that guys name that I don't know and like 4 or 5 other ppl that I don't really know either. haha.
So I guess we were deciding if we were going to eat or go to another show or something [because the original plan was to go stratosphere later on or something] and so we went back to our cars and Daeman was about to drive off until David or someone got out of John's car and started running after us and mumbled something to Daeman and Woo Jin... So they got out of the car... and just left it there w/ the doors open in the night air x__X;; haha so Joyce took over and started driving around the parking lot w/ the 3 of us in the back.. singing a song.. lol ... I was laughing so hard... She sounded like a criminal getting away w/ Daeman's van hahaha... But then we drove back around to them because.. we finally wanted to see what the whole commotion was about.. It turned out that John's car was all messed. Somebody tried to jack it or something and all these pieces were on the floor, the the alarm was pulled out and so was the ignition or something like that. o__O;; Twas scary. I felt bad for him too. But the good thing was that nothing like his palm pilot got stolen =P.. and such.. So security came... and they were doing this weird check-up thing on the car... And I asked what they were doing and David told me they were checking for a bomb.. -____-;; lol. Loser. xD
So finally somehow we got his car to work and we went all went to Palms. But I wasn't hungry because it was already too late and such.. to eat at least... Palms was boring.. mostly.. except when me and Non were trying to teach the korean alphabet once again to Kevin.. haha he remembered the vowels which was good.
Then since Yongmin oppa joined us at the Palms all the girls, except me and Non, and Hyunae in the other car, went to his car.. because they're all in love w/ his "charming ways" haha xD... So me and Non and Daeman and Woojin and [once again] the guy that i dunno know his name went to Albertsons to "pick up some ice cream" to take to Yongmin oppas house. They bought more beer than ice cream lol. They also bought Yongmin oppa a frying pan. That should come in handy xD.
Finally when we got there.. it was just pure boredom.. after some ppl ate ice cream... and John was making the corniest jokes about M.S. Brass [store]-because Kevin had been looking through my list of phone numbers- and called it Ms. Brass.. lol like a teacher. >>;; John said "Your brass is grass" and "Kiss my brass" OMg... he was laughing so hard at his own jokes.. I was just like -____-;;.... Then I hadda laugh because his laugh was so gay... lol. Yes I know. I'm mean.
Then me and Non and John and Kevin put our phones in the middle of the table as a "bet" and started playing that ABCD hand game.. lol Kevin was going to drink... but he was already drunk enough without being given one.. ahaha it was soo funny. He kept making sound effects and Non and I just kept laughing. Then people started joining... and revenge started and such... twas interesting.. then it was time to go home.. To Non's home.. w/ the other girls..
When we got home we just collapsed because it was like 2 in the morning and we had already woken up so early before... And hadda wake up early the next day again.. for meeting. and breakfast x__X;;

-Sunday, March 30, 2003-

Wow. Sucha good night sleep.. haha yeah right. Anyways... for breakfast.. the guys came over w/ YongMin oppa and David...to join the girls.. o__O;;
The breakfast was good and filling.. Yum Yum.
Meeting was okay.. I was sorta zoning out because I was tired and such.
Then afterwards the Anaheim people were leaving.. because some of them wanted to get back to their meeting at 6 in the afternoon haha.
I just went home w/ Non and painted our fingernails and toenails for a little... I listened to that CD Kevin burned for me.. Its that song that I love.. ^^.. The time when we went to gameworks in his car w/ NOn and Craig and I. While David and Jane and John stood outside our parked car w/ weird looks on their faces.. haha.
Then we went to watched "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" on NOn's computer... but it bored me so I fell asleep for awhile xD lol.
Later on Jane called to tell us that she was picking us up to go to Auyeung Jameh's house to help her move... After everyone arrived and unloaded everything out of her apartment onto her lawn.. [and also while we slaved away when Matthew and Mingyue and Jose and Sammy played to their hearts desire] Non was trying to pick up this "No Parking" sign on the lawn thinking it was a lamp.... ROFL... Then since the t.v. and satellite and tables/chairs etc. were on the lawn.. David pulled out the cord on the television and said that we could hook up the plug to the power box that was a few feet away.. lol we were all on some natural high.. haha..
Then we got to Auyeung Jameh's new house... Its soo nice.. It's better than the new one I'm getting.. haha... They said it was small... If anythings small.. It's my new house thats small >>;; Blah. We unpacked everything and explored the house and then went out to eat to have this 10 course chinese meal thing. Twas good. [except for chicken feet] haha.
Then my "fun" for the weekend was over. Jane dropped me off at home. Blah. hehe. Mondays are always hard to go back to. *cries* =\

-Monday, March 31, 2003-

I hate Mondays/Goosenheimer day. I didn't go to American Lit or Spanish. World History was boring as usual. Computers was even worse. Lunch was blah. Chemistry, we had a test. Oh the joy. And in Math, we were told that the last quiz that we took, made over half of the class fail. DONT YOU JUST LOVE MONDAYS?
Well... Now that I'm finished blogging.. I'll just go sleep and such... I hate mondays. Bye bye.

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